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Podcast The Delvin Cox Experience

The Delvin Cox Experience Avengers Infinity War Spoilercast

The Delvin Cox Experience episode 47 Avengers Infinity War

Check out episode 47 of The Delvin Cox Experience podcast where Delvin @Delvin_Cox, Derrick aka Nerdish67 @Dspin67 and myself, discuss The Avengers Infinity war with spoilers. If you haven’t seen the movie, you can listen to the first 33 minutes of the podcast and hear us speak on Kanye West, Bill Cosby, and RKelly. The […]


10 Cosplay Ideas for Women that aren’t Wonder Woman

10 cosplay ideas for women that aren't wonder women

Don’t let the title fool you. I love Wonder Woman. But we all know after poring over the recaps and attending Comic Con, that there are more of the same every year. Mostly, these cosplay feature the favorite characters that are in heavy rotation. Movie and TV show inspired renditions of the same characters also show up every […]


5 reasons to see the best R-rated movie Deadpool — movie review


The papers and online outlets are in wonder of Deadpool’s success. In just a week, the Deadpool movie is the highest grossing rated R film in the US. I’m neither shocked nor surprised. Dead pool, all by himself, has always been destined to be one of the Marvel stand out comic heroes.   He’s a […]

Super Hero TV

5 reasons to watch the second season of DareDevil; As if you needed reasons!


  A few weeks ago I finally finished seeing the first season of the Netflix TV series, Daredevil. Say what you will about me, but it took me forever to finally watch the show because of my animosity towards the movie version of Daredevil, featuring Ben Affleck. I’m pretty glad I finally gave in and watched […]