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Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 2 Trick or Treat Review

Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 2 Trick or Treat

When we last saw Eleven in season one of Stranger Things, she had disappeared with the Demogorgon as she obliterated the monster with her powers. They both burst into black dust. The idea being that Eleven could also have died with the creature, especially because it took a ton of energy to create the power […]


What You May Have Missed From the Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer

Ghostbusters Stranger Things Season 2

The Superbowl may have been exciting, just not as exciting as the teaser trailer for Stranger Things Season 2. I’ve been waiting for at least half a year to get anything on the second season. The addiction is real! I don’t even think waiting for Game of Thrones was ever this painful.  The Superbowl commercial […]