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TB Thursday: Prison on Island Meets Silent Hill, The Suffering

The Suffering Video Game

The Suffering Prison on Island Meets Silent Hill What’s scarier than being trapped in a desolate prison on an island? Being trapped in a prison on an island that is littered with paranormal creatures. This week we salute one of the best horror video game classics of the past, The Suffering. The game was released by Midway […]

The Walking Dead Video Games

Whose side is Clementine on? : The Walking Dead Game Season 2 Episode 2 A House Divided review

The Walking Dead Game A house divided - Clementine

This episode of Tell Tale Games Walking Dead Game in Season two, is named a house divided. Last season, Clementine was just a little girl left to fend for herself when the zombie apocalypse claimed the lives of her parents and her baby sitter. If it wasn’t for Lee, a man that was a convicted […]