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A Glimpse of Ford Research in Silicon Valley ; Ford Trends 2015


Ford Trends 2015 Because Ford is looking toward technology for the answers to smart mobility, they have created a base for research right in the heart of Silicon Valley. I had the pleasure of visiting the Ford headquarters during Ford Trends, in addition to their partnership areas with HP and SAP. Within Silicon Valley, they […]

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Ford and the car that drives itself : Autonomy and the future of mobility ; Ford Trends 2015


I think that Mark Field’s key note speech at the beginning of the Further with Ford 2015 conference, set the tone for what we were going to see in the future. Not only what was to be seen in the near future, but what we were going to gain from our experience. Ford doesn’t want […]

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Up for Discussion: Car Meets Technology; What’s your take on this? Further With Ford 2015


I’m so excited to announce that I’m currently in San Francisco, CA for Looking Further with Ford 2015 Trends Conference.  Guys, we’re not in Kansas anymore. Ford is looking towards the future on the trends that will impact our society, effecting our quality of life and figuring out solutions to the issues that are of highest […]

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Ford Encourages Students in The Bronx To Buckle Up For Love


    This year’s Valentine’s Day Award Winning National Campaign Buckle Up For Love was a huge success. A yearly event that is the first of it’s kind!  This month, Ford Motor Company partnered with The Get Focused Foundation to deliver the gift of love through it’s family safety campaign. Now in it’s third year, the award-winning campaign “Buckle-Up […]