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Game of Thrones TV

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Eastwatch


I knew this episode was going to be pure fire when the intro showed the Baratheon sigil. If you do the math, you’ll realize that there is but ONE Baratheon that we know of and he’s not a bastard. The return of Gendry is just one of the many eye openers in this week’s episode. […]

American Horror Story TV

Till the Last Witch Burns? American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 5 Burn, Witch, Burn

burn witch burn american horror story coven

The fifth episode of season 4 of American Horror Story, titled Burn Witch, Burn, teaches us all a big lesson on what happens to witches that are up to no good. There seems to be a lot of mischief happening in this episode from witches and non-witches, alike.  However, only one witch felt the burn […]