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October Halloween 80’s Horror Movie Month Day 1: Critters

Critters 1986 New Line Cinema

I started out my October Halloween binge by watching Critters (1986). I spent most-of my childhood judging horror by the cover of the VHS tape in the local video store. Critters was the one movie I was always attracted to because the furry Aliens look like they should be my pet even though they’re intergalactic […]

Video Games

Ten 80’s Video Games That Need A Re-make Just Like Friday The 13th

Jason Voorheen Friday The 13th The Game

Let’s forget about movie remakes for a minute and take a second to really think about the importance of video game remakes. Next month, the horror video game Friday the 13th will be hitting all consoles due to a passion project that brought back one of the most loved video games from the 80’s.   […]

Childhood's End TV

Karellen tells all – Childhoods End Part 3 The Children


All the feels people, all of them. The end of Childhood’s End was not a happy ending. But I think we all knew that when Milo explained he was the last human alive in the beginning of part one. Through out the mini-series our main concerns involved Karellen’s motives, the overlords intentions, and what in sam […]

Childhood's End TV

Who is being deceived: Is it them or us – The Deceivers Part 2 Childhood’s End


  We are fifteen years in living in a Utopia like world and Karellen is back. There is  something brewing beneath the surface and I have to admit that the guesstimates thrown around go from mundane to extreme paranoia delirium. I’m really enjoying this show– It puts your mind to think and keeps a lot […]


Why Independence Day: Resurgence Just Might Make It


  The likelihood of a sequel succeeding without the main character that brought it all together, is very slim. But I’m here to tell you guys that I think Independence Day: Resurgence looks it just might be a winner. One of the reasons it just might work, is because they brought back majority of the cast. […]