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Fabulously Entertaining is an entertainment blog that features blog posts on movies, video games, tv, and books. I always say that it is a resident on the middle of the block between nerd and geek.

My name is Erica and i’ll review or read, just about anything that’s intriguing, especially if it is communicated to me through my followers, that they have an interest in the subject. Due to the content, the blog is frequently visited by viewers that love horror and classic movies, upcoming gaming news, game walkthroughs, popular TV, and Fandoms (Disney, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, LOTR, American Horror Story)

This blogs niche is geek friendly, nerd approved, car aficionado inticing, or a celebration of fandom.

I would consider reviewing a product, conducting a giveaway, writing sponsored content, or attending an event, if it falls under these guidelines:

It fits in with the theme of my blog

It contributes to a blog post that would be entertaining to my readers

There are no catch 22’s or suspicious conditions

There needs to be a mutual benefit

Brands that I’ve worked with:


My Tour of San Francisco with a F150, a Mustang, and a Fusion ; Ford Trends 2015

A glimpse of Ford research in Silicon Valley 

Ford Encourages Students in The Bronx To Buckle Up For Love


Matthew McConaughey and Lincoln’s new artistic journey

Just in time for the Grammy’s, Lincoln introduces the Music Selfie


Please contact me if you’re interested in working with me:

FabulouslyEntertaining {at} gmail {dot} com



The information contained on this blog is solely for entertainment purposes. Most Images seen on this blog (Fabulously Entertaining) are courtesy of pr releases, pr information, screenshots, and will be sourced as such.  All other images are provided by myself or is sourced to their rightful owners. All rights go to their prospective owners. All images and information are used for reviewing and commentary purposes only.

This site uses Affiliate marketing when talking about brands, products, and sometimes just in suggested advertising. These links contain code that allow me to obtain a commission through sales that result.

When, and if, I’m provided with an item, event, or sponsored content, it will be indicated within the blog post. I will be honest with any review that is written by me on this blog.  If  there is any exchange of money, through sponsorship or otherwise, this will be indicated within the post.

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