The Delvin Cox Experience 50th Episode: Dummies and Dragons

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Episode 50 of The Delvin Cox Experience podcast is a fun one where you can join Delvin @Delvin_Cox, Dungeon Master Tyler @twotimestyler, Derrick aka Nerdish67 @Dspin67 , Pat aka @kristatos01, Jarrod aka Gary aka @yardsaleartist play dungeons and dragons live!

The Delvin Cox Experience Dungeons and Dragons Episode 50

Our very patient Dungeon Master regales us with tales of magic and wonder. The rest of us are a couple of goof-offs that are really proud of having perception, exceptionally skilled at bringing in the rear, and even more talented at sending fireballs into the trees with no apparent target in sight. Listen in on a hilarious episode that will make my previous statement all the more clearer while making you laugh.


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Congratulations on reaching your 50th Epsiode The Delvin Cox Experience Podcast!


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