XMEN Apocalypse And The Not So Good Reviews

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After five X-men movies (and two wolverine solo movies), we have become pretty much used to the themes and subjects of the franchise. Politically, mutants are outcasts that humans see as a threat because of their powers. Professor X believes in human compassion and wants to teach the world that mutants and humans can coexist. Magneto thinks that humans will never understand and should be eliminated for the sake of protection.

We all can relate to these topics that are sometimes similar to the issues of the real world. Over and over again, we see these themes show up in different shapes in these films, proving the same facts, bringing about the same ideas.


So what happens when you step away from that? You get bad reviews. I wouldn’t put X-men apocalypse as my favorite X-men film, but it wasn’t that bad. The biggest critics felt this movie failed because of everything that was missing.

X-men Apocalypse starts somewhere between the very beginning of the X-men and Professor X’s transition into baldness. He is managing his school, which feature a young Jean Gray (played by GOT’s Sansa – Sophie Turner), Cyclops (played by Taron Egerton) , and Nightcrawler (played by Kodi Smit-McPhee) Magneto has stepped away from the mutant life and is married with a child. He has a 9-5 and his only pleasure is being with his family.

Everything is interrupted by the awakening of Apocalypse, the very first mutant. He had been buried under sand and rocks for many years, after some adversaries purposely caused the pyramid of his creation to collapse on itself.  But now he’s awake and is looking to collect a team of mutants to pursue world domination.


There is not much of Professor X’s tug of war with Magneto. Although they are both on different sides, their usual oppositions are touched on lightly. And although we see a little bit of mutant discrimination, like when Cyclops gets his powers at a human school, this isn’t a focus either. Apocalypse just wants to rule the world.

This is why this movie sucks to most critics. The plot is not as developed as the other movies. Also, the new actors playing the same characters that other actors have played, is incredibly confusing. (just like this sentence) I don’t think it’s a big deal. They picked younger actors to depict a time when the mutants were younger. But some are still scoffing because they recast some of the characters.

There’s alot of destruction in the film. Nothing we haven’t seen before, but it is still massive destruction. Another part of this film that was highly criticized.

Usually, these type of movies suck because they don’t follow the comics too closely. Apocalypse has too strange of a history to be followed through in a movie. In my opinion, this was just fine. I would have liked for him to have developed a means for his motive. World domination alone can be a little boring.


But on the brighter side, psylocke and angel make an appearance. There is a quick Wolverine cameo. Again, there’s alot of destruction.

Not my favorite, but I enjoyed it.



The after credits scenes teased a much anticipated villain, although it wasn’t straight forward. A vile of weapon x’s blood and some xrays are collected by the essex corporation. Nathanial Essex, CEO of the corp, is the man who eventually crosses paths with Apocalypse, to become Mr. Sinister. is this a tease of a solo movie or a future cameo? Only time will tell.



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