Why Independence Day: Resurgence Just Might Make It

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The likelihood of a sequel succeeding without the main character that brought it all together, is very slim. But I’m here to tell you guys that I think Independence Day: Resurgence looks it just might be a winner.

One of the reasons it just might work, is because they brought back majority of the cast. Jeff Goldblum is back as the crafty scientist, Bill Pullman is most likely a former President gone into retirement,  and Vivica A. Fox will be a woman without her man. Will Smith will not be present in this movie. I am still morning the comedic space he would have filled in this film.

The movie has launched a new website to promote the film and give some insight on the history of the world after the alien invasion. How they used the advancements they picked up from the aliens to empower earth and move forward. The site also explains why Will Smith will no longer be in the film. In 2007, he died in some tech facility. War of 1996

Either way, the plot seems to take us many years after the 1996 Independence alien invasion, to a time when they return more powerful then before. This looks like it’s going to be amazing and I cannot wait to get to in the theaters. I will however, shed a few tears for Will Smith.

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