Why Frozen is One Small Step for Fairytale Women

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I wouldn’t leave all the animated movies to the kids. Yes, I used the word animated instead of a cartoon, because it sounds more grown up. Disney’s Frozen is in theaters and has been nominated for an Academy Award.  A well-deserved award indeed. They broke the Disney princess mold with this one.

I’m hoping that this is a sign that future fairytales will be more inspirational and worthy of our children’s attention. Fairytale princesses have always been destined to have some sort of evil opponent, while their only defense is a man they hope will save them from their problems. In the world we live in, this can be both unrealistic and depressing, to say the least.

However, Frozen has shown us that these girls can do things on their own. I’m not going to lie to you and say I wasn’t one of those girls mesmerized by Prince Charming or hoping that I’d meet the man of my dreams when he awakened me from a nap, but it’s so refreshing to see something different. So much more empowering.

It’s all the things everyone loves about Disney princess movies but with more individual independence. We still have the great music, the funny banter, and the entertaining storyline. But finally, the prize at the end of the tunnel isn’t being shacked up in a castle, that’s too big for two people, with a handsome guy that probably leaves the toilet seat up.

Spoiler Alert. Wouldn’t suggest reading beyond this point if you haven’t seen the movie.

How does Disney’s Frozen do this?

Disney's Frozen Elsa and Anna
1. The girls are princesses, orphaned as children(Elsa and Anna). Without a Queen and King to rule the kingdom, they are the rulers of their land. And when the eldest girl reaches a certain age, she is a Queen without needing any outside influences. No one needs to marry her for her to rule. There is no need for a male heir.

2.  The youngest girl, Anna, falls in love with the first guy she meets.But Elsa tells her that she should not marry someone she just met. Unlike past princesses, that married their princes within days of their first meeting. Really, what’s the rush?

3. When Elsa retreats into the wilderness, Anna tells the kingdom that she will get her sister and handle all affairs. She puts her fiancé, of less than a few hours, in charge and sets off on her own. There is no Calvary, dwarves, or army that accompanies her. She is the hero here.

Frozen Disney Olaf

4. Olaf the snowman is a childhood creation that Elsa and Anna shared. When Elsa’s ice powers come into full effect, he comes to life. This shows little girls everywhere that they have the power of creation. Maybe just not a snowman.

5. The entire movie revolves around the ever changing relationship between the two sisters. Any romance is just a sub-story. Kristoff who?

6. When Anna’s heart is frozen,  the elder-rock-troll-thing tells her that true love will melt her heart and save her. She assumes she needs true love’s kiss and goes on a mission to be kissed by the appropriate suitor. But before she reaches Kristoff (Anna’s true main squeeze), her sister’s love saves her from being frozen. It wasn’t the kiss of a man that saved her, but the love of her sister. No need to look for rescue in male love, when your sister’s love is so much more.

7. The movie doesn’t end with Anna marrying Kristoff. It ends with a celebration of the return of the Queen. It is assumed that Kristoff and Anna must be dating after this, but there is no wedding set and no emphasis on her needing to be married anytime soon.

image source: The Official Movie Website

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