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The Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 2 is the final movie–our farewell to the franchise. No more Katniss Everdeen. No more President Snow. No more justice for the people of Panem. Based on the novels by Suzanne Collins, it is an example of the very few movies based on books that become a true success. It is also an example of an amazing YA novel that had the same level of awesomeness on film, regardless of how it was altered from the novels. I will so miss looking forward to new installments and to seeing Jennifer Lawrence kick major ass as Katniss Everdeen.

I don’t feel I can provide the reasons why or why not you should go out and watch this movie without revealing a lot of spoilers. This is because this movie is a bit different then the average film and those details I would prefer not to disclose, are crucial in reviewing this movie.

Katniss Everdeen The Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 2


**I will like to give fair warning, that if you continue past this point
you will come across many, many, SPOILERS!!!**

The Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 2

How you will feel about the conclusion to this final movie will depend on how you feel about unusual endings. If you were expecting to watch Katniss battle her way to a free Panem, then you are going to feel a let down the weight of a sack of potatoes on your heart. This movie is lacking in the Katniss butt-kicking action department and the very little excitement in the film is contained in only a few scenes.

I never read the books, so I could only imagine that we missed out on quite a few plot points and internal character motives. Either way, The gist of how this ends will either leave you wanting for more, wanting something new, or unexpectedly satisfied. I was one of the few that was left wanting more in the end. I wanted it all.

Here are a few things that will effect your feelings about the outcome:

The Action

The Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 2 The last Battle

The film starts off exactly where it left off. Katniss is recovering from injuries after Peeta’s brainwashed attack. Her goal now is more solid then ever: She has to kill President Snow to stop anyone else from getting hurt. Katniss is suppressed for much of the film and the action lacks because although there is a full on war in place, she is being kicked to the sidelines.

Katniss is left behind because the Mocking Jay needs to stay alive and keeping her out of the war zone is the only way to do this. Katniss is not going to sit back and miss out, so she sneaks on a plane. I was thinking she was going to come off the plane and arrange an operation by herself. But once she gets there, she’s added to the army of rebels and is placed in a squad. That’s fine. She’ll have more people to help her.

The squad she’s placed in is to trail behind the others in empty areas of the city for the purpose of being video taped to fuel the rebels propaganda. I was pissed as soon as the words came out of their mouths. Katniss is far from the war, running around so it can seem that she is effortlessly taking out the enemy. Technically, she’s in the middle of another hunger games. As exciting as that may seem, I expected her to be at the heart of the war with the others.

These are the only scenes with action. Don’t get me wrong, there is some aggressive action involving the loses of a lot beloved characters and some real commotion in these scenes.  There are mutts, traps, and all types of unexpected bad situations in the streets. It even leads Katniss and her crew to head underground, where the turmoil continues.

When Katniss finally reaches the capitol and is trying to figure out how she’s going to make it into Snow’s place to light him up with arrows, Snow puts out a broadcast inviting all civilians to seek shelter at his place.  This is her way in. Once again, I was mislead into thinking that Katniss would break in and there would be a good throw down.

Some bombs are launched over the heads of the civilians entering through the gates and Katniss is knocked out by the explosions. She wakes up after it’s over and Snow is caught. It was as if she didn’t take any part in this war and she’s the MOCKING JAY for crying out loud. Where is the satisfaction for her to take down those that treated Panem the way they did? I wanted to see her surprise Snow by actually succeeding at reaching him. Whether she killed him or not wasn’t important. She says in this film that she wants to look him in the eyes and I was hoping that she would have been the one to look at him, when he was caught.


Katniss and Gale The Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 2

Gale’s relationship with Katniss changes for the worst. He’s a little jealous of Peeta and they have some disagreements in morality when it comes to war, but what really puts the stake through the heart, is that he is willing to risk the lives of innocent people for the “greater good.” Putting that aside, he is there to save her and accompany her through everything that she does. Always caring for her as he always has. In the end, after saving her life numerous times and pulling through, Katniss and him have a final conversation before going their separate ways. In fact, Katniss seems happy to have been rid of him.

I get the point here. If he’s willing to accept small sacrifices that include the lives of innocent people, then he isn’t any different then Snow and those in the capitol. Therefore, he is not someone for Katniss. And there is another major reason that I won’t mention here. A big big reason that dooms his relationship with here, but my lips are sealed. (I have to leave something for the film.) Even with all that, I don’t think he should have been kicked off as the weakest link. I’ll explain further in the final segment below.


Katniss and Peeta The Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 2

Katniss might as well be the antichrist, as far as Peeta is considered. He is brainwashed through and through. But, he is getting better. For most of the film he struggles with separating reality from whatever drives him to hate her the way he does. And in the end, he returns to his home and is alone. Katniss eventually becomes his companionship and after enough time has passed, we see that they have children together.

I have a problem with this. The movie stresses how well they know each other and how much they love each other, but I feel like Katniss settled for someone who is as wounded as she is. Not because they have something to relate to, but because they are both so wounded and defeated, that they might as well hook up in the end. Nothing better to do.

Katniss was happy that Gale was out of the picture, but was willing to have children with a man that could spontaneously turn back to his conditioned state, and kill her in her sleep?

I was not at all pleased with this.

No Happy Ending

Although Panem is free and Katniss gets to live as she pleases, there is no happy ending.

The Katniss and Snow circle doesn’t come to a close the way you would think.

The Mocking Jay isn’t present in any celebrations and she isn’t involved in any award ceremonies. She is sort of snatched from the world and secluded into living a private life. Fame isn’t for everyone. I don’t suggest that Katniss should have been like a celebrity, she was never the type to like that type of a life but it seems so dab nab depressing.

The fact is that the results of this war have damaged her severely. She moves on and lives quietly with Peeta, but they both seem so wounded that I don’t feel like its real love. I would have liked to travel to Panem just to refer them to a psychologist.

I would, however, have liked for Katniss to have had some type of political place in the government. There is none of that either.

The Red Suit

The Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 2

She doesn’t wear it at any point in this movie. Incredibly disappointed.


Those are the main features that have contributed to the mixed reviews. There a few others, but I want to leave something for you to enjoy. I’m depressed now. What are your thoughts?

Comment below if theres anything I can take to erase the heart ache caused by this franchise.

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