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The papers and online outlets are in wonder of Deadpool’s success. In just a week, the Deadpool movie is the highest grossing rated R film in the US. I’m neither shocked nor surprised. Dead pool, all by himself, has always been destined to be one of the Marvel stand out comic heroes.



He’s a superhero that isn’t a superhero (not absent of sins enough to be a superhero), giving him the flexibility to do what he wants, without a predictable bubblegum storyline. He’s hilarious and incredibly sarcastic. Dead pool is best known for breaking the fourth wall. He’s a character that has an ongoing relationship and conversation with the audience, a tactic uncommonly seen in films. Also, his ties to X-men and Marvel Comics allows for endless cameos, which is what really brings us all to the movies.

Movie Plot

The film begins with a typical road to revenge, but first, we get an origin story for Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) and his life before being Deadpool. Wilson was a mercenary who shacked up with an escort named Vanessa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin). She was the female version of him, and they complimented each other well. Life was good until he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was issued a proverbial death sentence.

Shortly after his diagnosis, he’s recruited by an Agent Smith for an experimental procedure that will cure his cancer. Agent Smith refers him to Ajax, whose real name is Francis Freeman, and Freeman injects Wilson with a serum that encourages mutations and puts him through torture to jump-start the modifications. Even after the mutations are off and running, Ajax places Wilson in a diminishing oxygen chamber for some more pain, just because.

Wilson manages to set the place on fire and frees himself from the chamber, only to discover that the process of the serum has disfigured him. It also has given him above average healing abilities. Wilson and Ajax have a brawl in the center of the inferno. Ajax gets the upper hand, leaving Wilson for dead in the burning building, which was a center for Ajax to create mutants.

Wilson survives, and Deadpool is born and begins his quests for revenge and to try to get his face back. This complicates things for Ajax and Vanessa, who both think that he is dead.


The film is everything I could ever want of Deadpool. The jokes are spot on–Reynolds even makes fun of his previous role as the Green Lantern.

The action is volatile–explosions and air spins galore. Robert Reynolds performance was terrific. But it can’t be all good, right? I did have an issue with the villain, Ajax. He is a reasonable taunting villain, but I don’t feel he is big enough to hold the entire Deadpool movie. The Ajax in the film is nothing like the one in the comics. The ending was flimsy with everything that it lacked.

Ajax from Deadpool movie

Ajax from Deadpool movie

Deadpool makes a joke mid-film that the reason we only see Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead throughout the film is that they couldn’t afford to bring in the other X-men characters. Although I believe this to be true, I think that they could have done better with the Xmen inclusion. Warhead and Colossus seemed like characters that were thrown into the plot just for the sake of having X-men, minus the bill for any of the other top billing actors.

Even with the minor changes, I would have made, I give the film a 9/10.

Here are the reasons to watch Deadpool movie:

Colossus and Negasonic


If only for the beauty of Colossus, I would recommend watching this film. Although their cameo was small, it was nice seeing Negasonic’s powers and Colossus’ metallic frame.


I’m not going to lie. Weasel is my favorite character in Deadpool. He’s Wade Wilson’s best friend and the most sarcastic son of a gun in the movie, second only to Deadpool himself.

Slow motion action scenes

The action scenes look like something out of the matrix. They zoom right to the center of all the action and then go into slow-mo so you can take in all the details, before letting everything unfold at full speed. I love these type of scenes.



What you will find in this movie that you won’t find in X-Men films, is a lot of cursing and even more gore. Deadpool does not merely knock out his opponents. When he takes someone out, they are pretty much dead, and the makers of this film did not skimp on making the explicit kill scenes.

Dead pool’s humor


Deadpool’s humor was used in the marketing of this film, way before the movie was released in theaters. So it is no surprise that his silliness is one of the bonuses of the film. He is witty and sarcastic. I have to say that most of his jokes were laugh out loud funny and not just clever remarks that you snort at.


What do you think of the Deadpool movie? What was your favorite joke?

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