Villains are telling their stories; Maleficent Review

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Maleficent. We are living in the day where Good and Bad are no longer so black and white. We are no longer taking the “good guy’s” story as our final depiction of what truly happened in a story. The villains are telling their side and we are discovering that things may not be the way we thought they were. One great example of seeing the villains side of the story, is the Broadway show and Novel, “Wicked” by Gregory Maguire. Who said The Wicked Witch was really so evil?

OKAY. So maybe these are retellings by fictional characters on events that are also fictional, but it doesn’t make it any less exciting. We have watched Disney’s Sleeping Beauty over the years and have accepted that poor Aurora was cursed by the evil Maleficent at her christening and that she was lucky enough to have 3 fairies to raise and protect her till her 16th birthday. Then the mess begins with Maleficent and a prince and everyone else involved has to help Sleeping Beauty overcome the evil.

Now Disney has provided us with Maleficent, the story of the supposed evil-doer. Would you be so quick to condemn Maleficent, if you understood the reasons for her actions? And what if the actions of others were glorified, when in fact they did just as little to protect Aurora?

Maleficent Review

I was worried watching this movie that they would follow the original storyline from the beginning and I would be dragged into a depressing downward spiral of Maleficent’s life. It’s so hard to hate a villain after bonding and getting to know what they have been through. I could not deal with hating Maleficent after seeing her good side.

They did a great job of following the Disney original, and yet allowing for some surprises. It never interferes with whatever connection old fans may have with what they’ve always known about the story. Angeline Jolie is amazing. But I’m sure, everyone already knew that.

Some people were thrown off by the existence of magical creatures we had never seen or heard of. I can’t see Maleficent and 3 miniature fairies being the only magical elements in a story of humans, as being realistic (in a fictional way). If they were telling Maleficent’s life story, who was she suppose to surround herself over the years if not magical beings such as herself?  The new magical creatures didn’t hurt the story, they actually helped give us a better idea of who Maleficent was and who she came to be.

What I would have liked to understand is why she was the only full-grown fairy. The 3 fairies are small and resemble each other. Maleficent, is human size and one of a kind with no other family in sight. They could have given us a little back story on this. A sequel, perhaps?


This movie was marketed as the absolute story of evil. But, we learn that Maleficent was a fairy that fell in love with a human that stole her joy. He took away her wings in exchange for the honor of ruling as royalty.  Aurora’s father is actually Maleficent’s true love that betrayed her. If you wonder if Maleficent is so powerful, why didn’t she destroy Aurora before her 16th birthday, that too is addressed. Maleficent gets to bond with Aurora, unlike the 3 little fairies that were too concerned with kissing the king’s butt and bringing her back the day after her birthday. They aren’t evil but they don’t really care as much as they have been shown to care in the past.

Finally, this movie has taken another step forward like Frozen. Prince Phillip is not the key to waking Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent’s love is. A man is not the only way out of a curse anymore. And now I love Maleficent and Aurora, and I don’t have a care in the world for the king and those insolent mini fairies.

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