Val Kilmer is doing Okay. Long live Doc Holliday.

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In news, this past weekend, Val Kilmer was allegedly rushed to the hospital after bleeding from his throat due to a possible tumor. Via his Facebook, Val Kilmer announced that he did not have a tumor or any operation, but had a complication that required him to be attended to in ICU, and is currently undergoing testing for a possible tumor.

The news of him being rushed to the hospital left me in a panic. Val Kilmer has to be one of the best actors, I’ve ever seen in the movies. I’m not just saying it to say it. He has a talent for taking on roles and bringing them to life. This, however, was not my first reaction when I first noticed him. The very first time I ever noticed Kilmer in a film, is when they announced he would be the new Batman.

As an avid fan of Batman and a stubborn supporter of Michael Keaton, this young actor did not impress me in the least. It wasn’t even his fault. I couldn’t stand Batman Forever and that was due to the script and directing efforts. They should have pleased Tim Burton so that he would have continued on with directing the films. His darkness brought another life to the Batman legacy. But as I’ve written before, fans get attached to the idea of what Batman we feel is most real to us. At the time, no one could replace Michael Keaton.

When I started seeing Kilmer in other films, I realized that sometimes, I couldn’t even tell it was him. I remember looking at the cast of the Quentin Tarantino directed, True Romance, and thinking where the hell is Val Kilmer in this? Granted, he was Elvis Presley and mainly a figment of Christian Slater’s characters imagination, who only appeared in the blurry background when Slater was in deep thought, even so, I didn’t have a clue.


Just so you know, Willow was one of my favorite films as a child. But as a kid, I never made a link between the film and Val Kilmer, because he wasn’t frolicking around with long dark hair.

But If I had to point out which of his performances is the closest to my heart, it would have been Doc Holliday in the movie Tombstone. I am not into cowboy movies, at all. Anything with a dusty horizon, a few cowboy hats, and horses, is sure to turn me off immediately. But a friend of mine forced me to watch Tombstone, and I became a fan.

For one, I get super nerdy when something in a film has a historical connection. So the whole truth factor behind Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, sent me into a googling frenzy on the real life stories of these guys. Then theres the whole premise of the movie. A couple of well known lawmakers decide to retire and this growing gang’s behavior tempts them back into the fight against crime. Lastly, Doc Holliday’s one liners are amazing.

And of course, the way Doc likes to provoke his competition Johnny Ringo.

If you’ve never seen the movie, don’t be fooled into thinking that I’m inviting you to watch a gun slinging hero. Doc Holliday is a gambler, con artist, and an outlaw, that happens to be really good friends with the prior lawmaker Wyatt Earp and his brothers. He’s also dying of tuberculosis. During a time where there was no proper treatment, that sort of diagnosis was handled with a very restrictive lifestyle in order to extend the persons life. But Doc is not one to stop smoking and heavy drinking so he is as pale as death with red rimmed eyes through most of the film. He really means to go out with a bang and still maintain the title of the best gun slinger in the west. Doc has some of the best gun fight scenes in the entire film, even as he is pasty faced and fighting a fever.

Part of the concerned reaction to the tumor news and rush to the hospital, comes from Val Kilmer’s recent weight loss. But he addressed that a few months ago, stating that his physical change is due to an upcoming role and is quite healthy. Kilmer is in the middle of preparing a film on Mark twain’s life, in which he will write, direct, and star in. He is hoping for a speedy recovery and return to his mission on completing this film. And so are we.

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