Unboxing 2015 Galaxy LootCrate: The Force Awakens & Halo 5 goodies

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The Galaxy Lootcrate December 2015 has arrived! I want to point out to you non-looters, that Lootcrate makes an effort to release crates with themes that are related to whats relevant at the time of it’s release, and I truly, TRULY, appreciate it. In October, the crate was released around Back to the Future day and everyone scored a mini hover board and a Funko Doc.


Galaxy Lootcrate

We are currently in the midst of Star Wars season, so of course, this Galaxy Lootcrate came with Star Wars themed gifts. Sprinkled with Halo 5 goodies too.

Be jealous. This was the one you were waiting for.


Super cute and perfect for the season, Lootcrate developed an ugly sweater inspired tee. Who needs an ugly sweater when you have a 8 bit nerd-ed out version without all the itching and extra heat?

Galaxy Lootcrate T-Shirt

To make non-looters envious and incredibly upset, Lootcrate added an exclusive Hans Solo Funko bobble head. Exclusive. You will not be able to find Hans Solo in snow gear, anywhere else.

Han Solo Star Wars - Galaxy Lootcrate

To warm your tootsies on those cold winter nights, Lootcrate added Star Wars BB-8 crew socks. There’s also an exclusive Galaxy Quest Patch for the Trekkies. Plus, a Galaxy Dec 2015 pin.

Star Wars Galaxy Loot Crate Galaxy Quest


All of these goodies were packaged in a Halo 5 ammo tin box. Good for packing lunch, storage, or for ammo.

Halo 5 Guardians Galaxy Lootcrate

Not pictured here: Halo 5 Guardians REQ pack. This pack comes with REQ cards that can be used to obtain items in the REQ bank of the game.

The Lootcrate came with their usual little mag that featured subscriber photos with loot and interviews, including one with Halo 5: Guardians developer.

So much awesomeness in one little box. which is your fave item?  comment below or message me directly. I’d love to chat:

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