TMNT 2014: New movie, same characters TMNT Nostalgia

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Because there have been so many remakes, there’s no surprise that TMNT will be remade yet again. TMNT 2014 will be released this summer featuring the 4 most famous turtles to crawl out of a NYC sewer. Actually, the only turtles to crawl out. NYC sewers only have Splinter’s long lost relatives as residents. Long time fans will be summoning their childhood memories of the TMNT cartoons and past TMNT box office films, to figure out how this new movie stands out from the rest.

TMNT History

It all started with the comics. But for me, it all started with the cartoon.  And then I remember after school eating TMNT green glazed hostess pies with vanilla filling. They were delicious, although not too visually appealing. Plus, they came with a sticker. For a child, a yummy treat with a sticker aka the cheap equivalent to a toy = the best marketing plan ever. Those pies were sold effortlessly.

Before anyone could guess their success, there was a turtle everywhere. Turtle toys, turtle sheets, turtle pies, turtle everything. I like to think the success of the cartoon was due to the funny antics of the turtles, especially Michelangelo. There was always a funny wisecrack or a clumsy scene that made him a fan favorite. The fact that the storyline consisted of 4 turtles and a rat mutating in a NYC sewer is bizarre in itself, but the fact that it actually works is the real surprise.

And then came the movies.

They took the turtles, Splinter, Shredder, and April and put them in a real life believable situation (minus the human-sized turtles living in the sewer thing). There was a dark under-tone to  TMNT (1990), that was seen in the darkness of the movie reflected through NYC streets. It was like the dark shadow in most Tim Burton films. It gave the movie a real attitude leaving the comic relief to the turtles, which looked funny on such a real-life backdrop. Shredder was the true winner of the movies. He was identical to the 1990 cartoon version, yet more intimidating.  He was wonderful <3

There have been so many animated series and additions to the comics, the story lines at this point have advanced past what I used to know about my turtles. I’ve always loved Raphael, his sarcasm left me in stitches and he is my favorite.



Source: Paramount Pictures
Source: Paramount Pictures

The new 2014 TMNT will be released August 8th and is directed by Michael Bay, known for his Transformers movies. Seems like the new movie will be a full explosion of the type of action we are used to seeing in the Transformers movies. the pro here is that regardless of the reviews, critics will not be able to doubt that they were entertained.

TMNT April
Source: Paramount Pictures


As for the way the turtles look so far, they aren’t the cute turtles we are all used to seeing. They are a little harsh looking, but i believe theres a purpose to the mood that it will bring to the movie. If it isnt’t, it will just differentiate this movie from the rest as the worst the turtles have ever looked. (not fabulous at all)  It doesn’t hurt that April O’neil has been upgraded! Megan Fox is not who I would have picked to play her part, but its not a bad change.

Take the quiz and find which turtle you are! I got Raphael of course 🙂


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