The Worst Heros Ever – The New Suicide Squad Trailer

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There’s a new trailer for Suicide Squad and it’s filled with explosions and an insane cast. I love it. We can’t tell much, other then what we already know. A secret operation run by the government  forges the ultimate mission team consisting of the city’s baddest criminals. The glimpses of the scenes in this trailer promises plenty of action, chaos, and quips.


The trailer brings some depth to what we already know about the characters–Will Smith will be the smart mouthed Deadshot, Killer Croc looks hungry, Enchantress is spooky, Diablo burns things, and Harley Quinn is adorably nutty. I’m most enthused about the extra footage on the elusive Joker played by Jared Leto.


We are all waiting for Leto’s spin on Joker’s brand of crazy. So far, he looks like a lunatic that’s decided to join the mob. A psychotic gangster perhaps? His style is almost charming, and based on the few secs I captured in the above screen shot, I believe we will get to see how Harley falls in love with Mr J.

Suicide Squad will hit theaters on 8/5/16

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Source: Suicide Squad Official Site

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