The Maze Runner is Like Hunger Games in a Trap

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When thinking of Young Adult Sci-fi locations that I wish I could be transported to, just like the districts of Hunger Games, I wouldn’t want to visit the world created by James Dashner in The Maze Runner. This is bad for the Glade’s tourism but seemingly good for the novel and upcoming movie. The downside of the world in the Maze Runner is the fact that there is no escape.


Thomas wakes up with no memory of anything, other than his name, in a place called the Glade. He’s surrounded by a group of boys that also cannot remember anything about their pasts, except their names. The Glade is next to a vast maze that seems to be the key to escaping their current imprisonment. The boys have created their own society in the Glade, where they all have rules and tasks, one of which is the job of being a runner. Runners dash through the maze in order to piece together a map. Thomas becomes a runner hopeful to unlock the secret to escaping the Glade. Running out the maze is easier said than done. The walls of the maze are not always open and that’s a huge favor to the boys in the Glade, being that creatures called “The Grievers” inhabit the maze. Thomas’s only recollection are dreams of an organization names WCKD. Then the first girl appears in the same delivering elevator and their whole world goes berserk.


A few of the boys in this cast have already acquired a following through other works. Thomas is played by Dylan O’Brien, better known for his role as Stiles in Teen Wolf. Will Paulter plays Gally but is best known for his role in We’re the Millers. Lastly, Newt is played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who I adored for his role as Jojen in Game of Thrones.

What could make or break this movie, is how well the answers are portrayed for the questions that everyone is going to be asking themselves. How did these boys get here and who placed them here? What or who is WCKD? The Maze Runner is just the first book of a trilogy, so we may not find out the answers to these questions. If they can pull off a mean cliffhanger, I’m sure that the sequels that will follow will be highly anticipated.

Another breaker could be the appearance of The Grievers. The physical appearance and what level of fear resonates from them can effect how well this movie does.

Who will like this Movie?

If you loved Hunger games and movies that involve dystopian like existences, this movie is for you. Although the entire film revolves around these boys trying to survive in this unknown world, what really matters is who put them there. Who erased their memories and put them in an inescapable position. And why? What is the point of it all? These are the questions that will keep your mind going and have boosted the success of the novel the movie is based on.

Release Date:  September 19, 2014

Source: The Maze Runner Official Website / WCKD / The Maze Runner Facebook / Twentieth Century Fox

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