The Horror in the original Rosemary’s Baby (1968) Movie Review

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Rosemary’s Baby

One of the essential elements of what fears us in horror movies is the concept of the unknown. For years, writers and directors have mastered this knowledge and used it against us in movies to attempt to shake us to our cores. I fear that we’ve lost some of that in today’s movies. Someone jump in a time machine and bring that magic back to us– please.

Rosemary's baby movie


The recent remake of Rosemary’s baby was intentionally different from the original, possibly working against it for some die-hard fans. Truthfully, I can only see one flaw in this new version and it’s the loss of the unknown. The remake may have revealed too much.

What could possibly be so scary about a woman pregnant with the son of Satan?

ALOT. Roman Polanski wrote the book, but the creators did not use the discovery that Rosemary was having a baby with Satan as the surprise twist. Just from the movie ads, anyone could tell that there’s something obviously sinister about Rosemary’s’ baby. Instead, they used hopelessness and mystery as the true fear factors.

Rosemary goes through her pregnancy piecing together the clues. Her pregnancy is drastically out of whack. She’s craving raw liver, dropping weight, and constantly in excruciating pain. It helps that makeup did a great job of producing the darkest under eye circles ever on Mia Farrow. She looks like a woman who has lost a lot of blood and is in need of vitamins.

Resemarys Baby


I’m sure that is automatically a red flag in any new mothers mind that something is wrong. But everyone around her is telling her everything is normal: her doctor, her neighbors, and even her husband. This is when all the little things she has been ignoring and bypassing start to make sense. Didn’t she remember she had a dream that she had sex with a beast while her husband and everyone in her building watched eagerly, before waking up covered in scratches? Oh yes, maybe that actually happened.

And before you know it, she realizes that her neighbors are part of some satanic cult and for some reason want her baby. Her husband is in on it too, possibly to improve his acting career.

Rosemarys baby


Now that we know what’s going on, we can no longer fear it. We understand what’s in front of Rosemary. From then on, what really creeps us out is that everywhere she turns, the people surrounding her, seem to be part of this cult. Everyone.

Now, what do you do when everyone around you is a part of a satanic cult?

You scream. No, you fight to protect your unborn child. That’s where the fear lies. When you realize Rosemary has no where to hide and no one to trust.

Horror at its best, lets our minds go crazy on its own.

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