No, 47 Ronin is not a sequel to Ronin and other Misleading Movie Titles

This is not about Rob Dinero

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Somehow, this vital piece of information has lost its way in the sewer pipes, and movie companies are forgetting how important the name of a movie truly is. Misleading movie titles are throwing everybody off. Even if the title is one word, it should give audiences an idea of what to expect, and if not, then the trailer better do a hell of a lot better in informing the public.

 Why is this important?

I’m going to make a confession: for the past three years, very few movies have actually moved me. I’ve had to force myself to watch movies in hopes that a Holy Grail movie would WOW me. There were a few movies that caught my attention such as The Hunger Games, but they were the sole diamonds in a stack of yearly coal.

It’s not entirely the fault of the content in these movies. It’s also the way these movies are being marketed. The titles say nothing that would urge me to go to the theater. With advances such as Netflix, a possible movie customer may prefer watching Terminator 2 at home then to see the new flick out this weekend with vague titles such as, “Street,” “The Doorway,” or maybe a movie with a sound and not even a name “Gee.”

It’s gotten so bad that I have to watch 5 minutes into a movie just to find out what it’s about. I’ll admit that I’m extremely proud when I find a movie that I never heard of and it ends up being a masterpiece.

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What’s worse is that some of the titles are super misleading.

Here are a 2 examples of misleading movie titles:

47 Ronin

Amazing trailer! But prior to the release of this, how many people were exclaiming how they couldn’t wait for the release of 47 Ronin?  I’ll tell you how many–none!! The title is derived from the 47 Ronin (Samurai) in the movie. But prior to the release of the trailer, I had no idea that this was even a samurai movie.

This is what I thought 47 Ronin was going to be:


 I said, “Hey, a sequel. Can’t wait to see Rob Dinero in this one.”

Clearly, I was wrong.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I think that Ben Stiller in most comedies is a win-win situation. But when I first heard the title, I assumed that the movie was about the secret life of someone with such a depressing, boring name as Walter Mitty. I thought: Maybe he’s an accountant or a window washer and is sick of his monotonous job and does something incredibly corny and exaggerated to break out of the boring. Yup, not something I want to see.

But after viewing the trailer, it sparked interest because Ben Stiller is an amazing comedian when he is involved in a romance, always the klutz/awkward one head over heels in love. Plus, Kristen Wiig. (Enough said)


In short, there are movies that need no introduction. American hustle makes you think of that seventies song, Do the Hustle and you’re automatically visualizing some type of Boogie Nights scene. Then the trailer confirms the seventies vibe.

The Wolf of Wall Street is obviously about some stockbroker doing something immoral like stealing money or tricking people. I knew this before I saw Leonardo DiCaprio in a suit, looking as deceiving as he did in Catch Me If You Can.

It’s getting harder and harder to weed out the good movies just by looking at them.

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