Playing with Destiny and Gnomes : Movie review Amélie

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Such a french movie and such a delight! I accidentally stumbled across the movie Amélie one night, and fell in love, subtitles and all. Amelie is a clever story of a young woman working at a coffee shop with her own apartment, living a very quiet life. The American in me kept asking where her goals were and why she wasn’t trying to go to school. Why wasn’t she at an office working to achieve promotions and success, and that’s where I failed in missing the point.

Her life is quiet and so is she. You know the type. One of those people that barely ever speaks, so you have to ask yourself if you’ve ever even seen them in a conversation.

Amelie is quite happy with her life, and as a pastime, she likes to make an effort at secretly pushing the hand of destiny. Things like: covertly tormenting an A-hole who takes advantage of a mentally disabled kid, by breaking into his apartment, messing with his phone line, and pushing him into thinking he’s lost his mind. Amelie delivers her own brand of justice.

And when she’s in the mood to bring love and happiness, she’ll leave notes for people who have crushes on each other, so that they finally hook up and stop beating around the bush. She’s a tiny little thing with a huge God complex. But she’s sweet.

There’s so much going on for someone that lives such a passive life. There’s a garden gnome her father is obsessed with. The gnome seems to matter more then the his own daughter. Amelie decides to teach him a lesson. Let’s just say, he doesn’t know where the gnome went, but receives frequent mail from him. There are her neighbors and coworkers, and even strangers that she doesn’t know, that get a taste of her musings.

There are, however,  deep matters that she wrestles with. Her own happiness. She is so concerned with others that she never takes into account what she wants. And she takes such pleasure in being behind the scenes, that she doesn’t take any time to develop relationships.

If subtitles don’t bother you, I recommend the film. Mostly because there are all these little mysteries within, which I won’t spoil for you, that make the plot so much more exciting then it seems. In the end, it makes for a very interesting and warm love story. Although, it was never a love story to begin with.

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