Remake Of Stephen King’s IT Movie will bring Pennywise the Clown to the movies

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Was there ever a more horrifying sight then Tim Curry as Pennywise the clown in It? No–and thats my final answer.  Atleast thats the way most fans are feeling about the news that a remake of It is in the works for 2016. I’m probably the most open minded movie viewer you will ever hear of. (Unless they ruin it terribly, then the bashing begins.) So, with open arms I welcome this new movie, but I can understand why fans are a little uneasy about the remake. Heres why:

1. Who can top Tim Curry’s performance?

Seriously, this man was the root of all nightmares. It is a known fact, that for some reason, clowns have become the epitome of all evil for some children. Pennywise is the example everyone thinks about when they think of a killer clown. Those fangs and those eyes? Pfft…I’d like to see who can match his performance.

2. Classic horror didn’t need CGI.

The real scary parts of the movie (minus the part when Pennywise becomes that giant light thing), only required contacts and some fangs. Hopefully, they won’t overdo the special effects.

3. Their going to pick a cast of new people, aren’t they?

They might just pick a few newbies to play the parts. We might get a name or two we know, but no guarantees. The original had actors such as: John Ritter, Jonathon Brandis, and even Seth Green!

On the bright side of things, Stephen King gave the writers his blessing. If you know anything about King, you know if he doesn’t like how his work of art is presented, he is not afraid to be vocal about it. He hated The Shining, for many reasons, but mostly because Shelly Duval’s character was boiled down to a screaming idiot. King has made it very public that he did not agree with the adaptation, at ALL. Also, if they play their cards right, this movie can possibly be even more scary then the first. Since, the second part had a lot more talking and less Pennywise.


What do you think about a remake of the classic IT? Yay or nay?

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