Outdoor Back to The Future 2 movie screening in Randalls Island NYC

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Yesterday I went to watch Back to The Future 2 at Randalls Island in New York City. I’ve been dying to see a movie outside during this awesome weather. Though the weather did dip a little in the middle of the night, it was amazing. Chips, Beer, and Michael J. Fox, makes for an amazing movie night.



The View was amazing. 🙂


The Crowd




One of the many beautiful places in NYC

IMG_0321 IMG_0445

There are a ton of these outdoor movie screenings all over the city. Yea, who hasn’t seen all three Back to the Future movies, repeatedly? NO ONE. And if you haven’t seen them, shame on you. They’re classics.

Most of this movie takes place in the future. Well, in 1985, the future was present day 2015.

The problem is, we are no where near as advanced as these folks. Well, sometimes we are. But the extra techy-ness of 2015 in this movie is nothing compared to us now.

Things I discovered while re-watching this movie:

I need these sneakers ASAP. Nike dropped these rubber-soles a little while ago. Prices ran so high that celebrities and people who were willing to give away their life savings, were the only ones who got a pair. (Still available on ebay for some $$$) But it is rumored, that NIKE will re-release these with the actual patented technology featured in the movie this year. Perfect Xmas present for me, you guys!


Back to the future predicted face time.

WTH are the hover boards in present day 2015? We’ve barely advanced past the razor scooter.

Also, I  remembered that I learned what a almanac was through this movie.
Thanks Back to the future.
The More you know.

I know there have to be some Back to the future fans out there. Tell me what excites you most about this movie???


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