Our obsession with possession; Teenage exorcist to get feature “REALM”

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Film Short "Realm"

Horror is my first love. Even as I write the words, I can’t remember the last horror film that I ever watched.  Maybe it’s because I don’t connect with the horror movies of today. Maybe it’s the type of movies that are being put out there. Mostly, I can’t stand the graphics and editing involved in present-day horror films so I don’t even bother. I’m not too fond of the scripts either.

My opinions aside, I’m always in awe of the popularity of films that involve possession. Not because of the reactions of viewers, but because they rarely do a bad job causing fear. There are, at the very least, 20 films in existence on the subject as is detailed in this About article. Why are we so scared of possessions? It doesn’t matter whether you are at all religious or spiritual, the truth is that a good chunk of these stories are based on a true story. There is no greater fear than to realize that there is a possibility in something that is so inexplicable, random, and completely capable of scaring you.

The mother of all exorcism films still remains to be THE EXORCIST, making people dependent on night lights since the 70’s.  And who wouldn’t fear a 12-year-old girl with the voice of a man and power of the demon that has taken over her body? Wouldn’t you know that this gem is also based on a true story? A young boy, whose identity has been kept under wraps, experienced the madness that was seen on screen. No one has yet confirmed that the green vomit and head twisting scenes are based on real-life dramatizations.

The short film Realm will soon be making changes to what we have become accustomed to in the possession films of the past. It has been picked up by Relativity Studios to become a feature film with the potential to become a multi-film franchise as told by Deadline. The main character is a young girl who is an exorcist demon fighter capable of entering the bodies of the possessed and raging physical war against demons. This is just her night job, by day, she’s a regular girl going through teenage problems. You know, acne, date night, and crushes. All in all, she’s a Buffy the vampire slayer from another dimension.

REALM from Scott Speer on Vimeo. Realm tells the story of a gifted young woman who has the power to enter the soul of the possessed and battle their inner demon.

I’m here to wager on how this will work. Personally, I think that REALM would be fantastic as a series. Every season, there could be recurring characters and possibly recurring demons. A film can work too. And Although this is going to be a movie based on possessions and exorcisms, I don’t think that REALM will be anything like the movies we have seen before. The appeal of the film will be due to the action more than the actual dread associated with horror. I think that creatively, it could be a goldmine of success, but I can’t see it actually causing the same uneasiness accompanied with a really good possession film like The Exorcist.

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