New Event Alert: The Hunger Games: The Exhibition at New York City Discovery Times Square

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If you’re a Katniss Everdeen fan and you’re in New York City, you’re in luck! The Hunger Games: The Exhibition has started it’s six month run at Discovery Times square, as of July 1st. I’ve been to a few exhibitions, and they are amazing in connecting you with all of the memorabilia from the very movies you love.

I get start struck, just off the clothes, like: “Jennifer Lawrence wore that dress. I am now two feet away from the dress. I therefore met Jennifer Lawrence *faints*”

For the next six months, New Yorkers and vacationers in NYC, are able to take a tour of this 12,000 square feet exhibit dedicated to the Hunger Games films. Lions gate has partnered with the creme de la creme to bring the best experience possible. The exhibit is loaded  with costumes, props, photographs, set recreations, and interactive experiences. Plus, there is a retail store to buy your very own hunger games inspired loot!

Discover and explore the world of Panem through Katniss Everdeen’s journey.  You can delve into her very beginnings in District 12, all the way to Mocking Jay. This will be presented through 7 galleries: District 12, Tribute Train, The Capitol, Making the Games, District 13, Fan Gallery, and Katniss Journey.

Check out Jennifer Lawrence’s trip to the exhibit:

Some of the things I’m looking forward to, are the Girl on fire dress and the Mocking Jay Pin. I would love to see how they look in person. Still starstruck. Ignore me.

But there are other highlights, such as the Mocking Jay dress, Mocking Jay Armor, Cinna’s Sketchbook, and Katniss’ bow.

If you’re not in the NYC area, and won’t be in the next six months, don’t fret. Slated for February 2016, the exhibition will be moved to the Palace of fine arts in San Francisco, California.


What do you think about this exhibition? Would you go? Have you gone? And what are you looking forward to? I expect al of these questions answered in the comments below 🙂


If you’re interested in getting a ticket to The Hunger Games: The Exhibition at Discovery Times Square [ tickets here]


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