Need for Speed: Why It’s A Good Movie Adaptation

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I had the honor of watching the new Need for Speed movie this past weekend, courtesy of Ford Motors. Need for Speed is the game franchise that has been around since the beginning of time. (Atleast it feels that way.) A movie adaptation is only right for such a classic video game. There has been an incredible amount of pressure on the creators of the film to make an adaptation that will bring new followers and satisfy the already existing fan base. Critics had been dying for weeks to watch the flick, just so they can give their two cents.  But before any real critique goes into reviews, I think it is critical to take a look at the origins of Need for Speed, and from a gaming point of view figure out the best plot.


ford mustang need for speed movie


Need For Speed 1994-2013

Need for Speed is the ultimate racing game. There has never been a real storyline, it’s always been about the race. But one thing has always been present: the cars are flashy and nothing is legal. It’s always been about illegal street races, barely making your way out alive, and keeping away from the cops.

The challenge of making this movie was to create a storyline that will not take time away from the action. Also, the cars have to be breath-taking!

And if you haven’t forgotten, Need for Speed has to embody everything it has been as a game. It has to incorporate good character story lines and not be anything like the Fast and Furious racing movies.

This is why I think they did a good job:

The storyline was a couple of human interest subplots. The main parts include love interest,  revenge, the pact of childhood friends, and not waste a second of precious action and tire-burning gratification. You don’t need 4 hours of backstory and reasons, as to why the main character needs to drive a car recklessly through the streets. You can’t expect a meaningful powerful background if all you want them to do is go fly through the streets in an expensive car.

The racing scenes were out of this world, literally. Some feats seemed almost impossible, but once again, thats what we are looking for here.  It’s all about  driving a car thats too expensive, not to be safely tucked away in an underground garage, ripping through the streets and skimming through trucks and cars, before barely making it out. There are high jumps, zig-zagging car chases, and the assistance of a friendly pilot that provides all the alerts needed to avoid traffic and oncoming police. That is what Need for Speed is all about.

No Guts, No Glory.

ford mustang need for speed

This was Aaron Paul’s first movie since his award-winning performance in The Breaking Bad, but the real star of the movie, was none other then the Ford Mustang. The modified Ford Mustang, that was able to reach 230 MPH, took to majority of the action scenes like the star that it is. This drama queen even gets to hang from a ‘copter above the Grand Canyon!

need for speed movie cars

There were also cameos of the rarest cars to ever be mentioned. The cars featured include: the  Lamborghini Sesto Elemento,  McClaren P1, GTA Spano, and the Koenigsegg Agera R.

It doesn’t get any rarer then also introducing an unreleased car like the, 2015 Ford Mustang GT.

If you’re looking for the adrenaline rushing action that is met in the Need for Speed games, you will not be disappointed in this movie. Aaron Paul did a great job as Tobey Marshall, but then again, he’s built to be a bad boy. But mostly, the dream cars and the over the top scenes, did it for me.

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