Movie Review: The Unpopular facts of the Suicide Squad

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Before I can go into Suicide Squad, I want to share an important fact about movies like these.

I have this mathematical equation I think film makers should apply to all super hero/comic book related movies that have multiple stars on board.  If there are more then two main characters (not including the villain), then the movie should be longer or have sequels to account for the extra story telling. Not the way they do sequels now. I mean thorough sequels that can account for everything they want to say about each character. Unfortunately, I have no way to share this with the movie industry and I’m sure there are a lot of financial issues that are tied to pitching this type of script that won’t work with my idea. But with my math solution in mind, I’ve realized that there are very few multi-character films that have been everything we’ve ever wanted AND had multiple players in the cast.

Suicide Squad

This is why a lot of the comic-book-based movies end up not being so great. Batman VS. Superman added Wonder woman and her story line ended up like a bullet, barely grazing the surface. That kind of writing makes the audience want more. It makes the film feel like something is missing, and ultimately, the extra character is so limited that it seems like they were just dropped into the story with no real purpose.

This is where I’m headed with analyzing suicide squad. That doesn’t mean the film was a total bust. I don’t care what their saying out there. It wasn’t as bad as the green lantern or anything else that fell really short of entertaining. I do believe they got something things right. Below is the good, the bad, the ugly. What you need to know.

<- !!!Spoiler alert ahead!!! ->

10 things you need to know about Suicide Squad:

Deadshot and Harley are the main characters

They’re the only two in the film with fully fleshed out backgrounds, other then the villain. Will Smith does a great job and Margot Robbie manages to be the cute bubbly firecracker that I’ve seen Harley be in the animated versions. But if you were rooting for Boomerang or Slipknot, you’re in for some very small roles that are down right insignificant. I barely remember Slipknot.

Harley and The Joker’s relationship is EXACTLY what it should be

Let’s be real here. Joker is supposed to be a psychopath and Harley would have to be right up there with her soulmate. The comic book definition of Joker’s style of psycho means that he pretty much doesn’t seem to care about anything. The Joker is all about chaos. So how should they portray the Joker in a relationship, when the relationship itself would go against his detached agenda, because it would mean that he cares about another living being?

This film does a good job of showing Joker struggle with his need for Harley. It is quite similar to his relationship with Batman, where he wants to kill him but if he does he knows he would be taking away a much needed challenge.

The Joker in this film doesn’t have a flair for the romance. After Dr. Harlene Quinzel helps him escape Arkham by providing him with a machine gun, he captures her and gives her a heavy dose of electric shock therapy to her head.

You know that clip that was teased for ages, making us wonder who was on that table experiencing the Joker’s wrath? That was Harley getting volts to the brain.

Not a healthy relationship in the least, but it’s what should be expected from someone who is as off the rocker as the Joker is. At times, their relationship is abusive, but in her absence the Joker is seemingly lonely. That’s what makes it a romance in this twisted world. The Joker has an attachment even though he doesn’t want to. This causes him to attempt multiple rescue missions to save Harley for his own sake.

However, they could have done a better job of showing WHY Harley was so in love with Joker. It’s obvious that she loses her mind after the electric shocks to the head, but Joker isn’t in any way charming in the moments leading to Harley falling in love with him.

Joker is not the villain and that’s a good thing

 Joker is a subplot. His only purpose is to get Harley back. She was arrested and subsequently forced to join the suicide squad. Joker’s relationship with Harley would make him an unlikely candidate as a villain. The story would have been predictable, with Harley flip-flopping her loyalty between her new friendships and romantic relationship. Harley OBVIOUSLY would have eventually taken Joker’s side over any other. The girl threw herself in a toxic waste vat for him for crying out loud.

Enchantress was the wrong selection for the ultimate villain 

The story for the film is based off of suicide squad comic vol 1 14 and 15 (with some modifications) as told here by Bustle. So this isn’t a story that was made up, but a script based off of an actual comic. However, with all of the omitted scenes and characters, the story is quite different and Enchantress doesn’t make for the best choice for a villain. With powers that are beyond omnipotent, the Enchantress seems like too big of an opponent for the group of misfits that don’t have comparable powers, even if you add them all together. The introduction of her brother and homemade army, only makes the suicide squad’s victory seem more like pure luck, then actual team effort that has succeeded.

Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, and Katana are fixtures throughout the film

Except for a few minor lines and plot points, these three characters do not develop the story and seem more like added action figures. Katana is on the side of Amanda Waller and is more of a supervisor then an actual team mate. This is the reason why the equation i mentioned at the beginning of this blog should apply.

Amanda Waller was the most accurate character in the movie

Some wager that Viola Davis’ stole the movie with her performance as Amanda Waller. I would have to agree. I couldn’t imagine any other actress playing this role. It is uncanny how she emulates Waller’s persona: A woman of great power within the US that makes decisions for the sake of our country, but is all business and no mercy when she needs to be–for the sake of our country, of course. She uses the superheroes as pawns in a game that only she knows the rules to. The shadiest woman in a business suit that I’ve ever seen in a comic and Viola Davis has got the role down to a T.

Batman and the Flash have DC cameos

With such a big cast, I didn’t think any other DC cameos would happen, unless they were villains. Batman and the Flash show up in some of the flashbacks and back story. Bruce Wayne also makes an appearance in the finale. These cameos aren’t solely to entertain, but are connections to the creation of the Justice League.

The villainy of the characters is toned down 

Villains that have a reputation for being mean are going to be expected to be dark and chaotic. The suicide squad as a group of villains act more like naughty children then psychotic killers. I felt that this film called for them to be less evil and a little bit more human. From experience, if your working with a group of people, even if you don’t want to, even if you don’t like them, you will eventually form some type of relationship with them. I can’t see how it would have worked if they didn’t bring some humanity to the table.

The toned down nature of the villains is a huge factor in the negative reviews

I read a review that was disappointed in the wording of the movie, because if the word SUICIDE was in the title they expected the group to be animals on the screen. The review came off as something written by someone who had never read the comic, but I found that the PG-13 nature of the group was something highly criticized. I think some people wanted this film to be more like Tim Burton’s Batman and less like Avengers.

Jared Leto claims their is alot of Joker footage that was cut from the film

The buzz behind Jared Leto’s Joker led me to believe that he had a major role in the movie, even if he wasn’t going to be the villain. Unfortunately, you could probably condense all of his screen time into it’s own movie trailer. The Hollywood reporter stated that Jared Leto said in an interview that most of the Joker scenes were cut in the final edit. I’m hoping that the DVD will release with bonus deleted scenes for this, because it would suck for all of it to have gone to waste.

Was Suicide Squad just another horrible movie or did you enjoy it? comment below

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