Matthew McConaughey and Lincoln’s new artistic journey

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You may know Matthew McConaughey for his movies and major nominations, but going forward, you will know him for the car he drives, a Lincoln. Lincoln Motor Company has signed a multi-year contract with the actor, who will be the primary narrator in a series of TV and digital ad campaigns.

Matthew McConaughey Lincoln MKC

Lincoln is serious about the new 2015 Lincoln MKC, and who better to present this campaign then the king of serious acting, Mr. McConaughey. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t been privy to his outstanding displays of acting, please check out the academy award winning, Dallas Buyers Club, his new hit TV show, True Detective, and his topnotch performance in his short 5 minutes, on The Wolf of Wall Street.

McConaughey is a long time driver of the Lincoln model and had the opportunity to try the MKC all around Texas. The brand and actor have been lucky to find a perfect fit together, as McConaughey has been also recently known for his existential speech and the brand seeks to show the new side of luxury due to its recent transformation. You don’t know what kind of deep, philosophical thoughts McConaughey is capable of, you say? Check out his acceptance speech below:




“Authenticity is a word that kept popping up in our initial meetings. It was clear from the beginning that they appreciated me as a person first and foremost, and I would be able to be myself in this collaboration,” said McConaughey in a statement. You can only imagine the clarity and in-depth perception that this known method actor will bring to the luxury Lincoln brand. With the help of Nicholas Winding Refn (Drive) combining the story of the Lincoln MKC and McConaughey, there are moments of improvisation, emphasizing for viewers, the air of quality in the driving experience.

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