Is the Expendables 3 Missing Something? Trailer

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The Expendables is really about getting all the action stars everyone grew up watching, together in one film, so we can all be happy. They’ve done a pretty good job so far. My parents are the king and queen of 80s-90s action films. I grew up watching every action movie that featured their favorite stars. While kids my age saw “The land before time” in the theater, I was watching Rambo and Predator. The first movie i ever cried watching was Terminator 2. (Totally honest) You try watching Arnold Schwarzenegger slowly dipped into molten metal as a child, and tell me that it doesn’t crush your soul!

Anywho, because of my parents love for action, the Expendable movies are a wonderful showcase of all the explosive action movie qualities I’ve always loved. These old guys are proving that they still have it, although they are no longer the young twenty-something action stars they used to be.

As you watch the preview to this third film, you may notice there is just one action legend that has not been in any of the movies. Steven Segal. In an interview (quoted here) <- , Segal states that he doesn’t like some of the cast members, and therefore is not interested in being in an Expendables film. I’m hoping he changes his mind soon about this.  They’ve added Kelsey Grammar for crying out loud! Whats a few weeks of filming with some actors that you’re not fond of, to having your many fans wishes come true?

Release date: August 15

What do you think about the Expendables 3? And more importantly, who do you think Steven Segal despises? I’m guessing Stallone.

Source: Official Expendables 3 Website / Lionsgate

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