Here are the Awards American Hustle Should be Nominated For… : Movie Review

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image source: American Hustle Official Pinterest
image source: American Hustle Official Pinterest

American Hustle has received a whopping 10 Academy award nominations. It was nominated for seven Golden Globes, taking home three for: Best Motion Picture, Best Actress to Amy Adams, and Best Supporting Actress to Jennifer Lawrence. Not to mention their many SAG award nominations, and acceptance of the Outstanding performance in a Motion Picture Award.

So, what is all the buzz about American Hustle? It’s a good movie, but it wouldn’t be my first pick for Best Movie. Granted, this movie has a very well written script and an incredible ensemble of talented actors, but does it really merit so many accolades? As much as I enjoyed it, I  feel that some of the other nominees would be more deserving of the awards for certain categories. Like, AH should never be able to take Best Picture, if Gravity, 12 years a slave, or The Wolf of Wall Street, are nominees. But if Jennifer Lawrence takes Best Supporting Actress, it would be well deserved.

image source: American Hustle's official Facebook
image source: American Hustle’s official Facebook

Movie Summary:

This film is about the con artist of the year, Irving Rosenfeld played by Christian Bale. He has upgraded his cons to providing loan applications from overseas affiliates for a considerable fee. The loans will never be approved and the fee of course, is non-refundable. He meets Sydney (Amy Adams) and uses her and her fake english accent under the alias Edith Greensley, to con these loan applicants into believing they truly have connections in England that can provide the money.

Their love story isn’t quite lovely, since Irving is married to Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence) and had adopted her son as his own, which he does not wish to part with. The loan jig is up when they try to con Richie (Bradley Cooper) an undercover FBI agent. Richie proposes to let them go if they can help setup multiple arrests starting with the mayor of Camden, who is possibly involved with the italian mafia. Without Irving and Sydney knowing, some of the biggest italian mobsters are the actual targets in Richie’s elaborate FBI bust. This of course means that Irving and Sydney could be the italian mafias future targets if they tie them to being a part of this federal scheme. The rest of the movie is Irving’s attempt at getting out of this sticky situation and Richie’s struggle to get the arrests that will boost his career.

Here are some non-existent awards, I feel American Hustle should have been nominated for:


Honestly, her wardrobe for this film was stunning. But, 98% of her outfits featured a plunging neckline.

MOST AMAZING 70’S HAIR: Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence

It was like watching a Pantene commercial. Amy Adam’s hair was always rippling and cascading, and Jennifer Lawrence’s simple up-do, looked so polished.


The first 5 minutes of the movie is a DIY on how to achieve this extraordinary combover.


As small as my hands are, I would never be able to curl every single piece of hair on my head with miniature curlers. This ones for Bradley and his head of curls that were oh so flawless, because he took the time out at night to put in curlers.


I love Jennifer as an actress and she knocked this role right out the park,  but I feel the script was missing her connection to the movie, other then her marriage to the lead character. For half of the movie, all you get is about a 2 minute cameo. With such an eccentric character, they should have put in more effort to weave her into the plot.

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