Happy Birthday Edward Norton! Movie Clip tribute

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I want to wish a Happy Birthday to one of my favorite actors, Edward Norton!

To celebrate his birthday I put together a list of my favorite movies that he was featured in. The first time I ever laid eyes on Edward Norton was in American History X. A movie that i probably would have never paid attention to because it was about skinheads, racism, and every form of hate possible. (Stay tuned for a future review on the movie) But Edward’s performance was phenomenal. I think most of all i like his voice. So calm and matter of fact. More importantly, he has some characters he has brought to life and movies that he has given purpose to. With the exception of Death to Smoochy…of course.

These are my Edward Norton Picks:

American History X

There’s nothing more priceless then the proud face of someone that has injured another person severely, in their underwear. Well done, Edward.

Fight Club

Nothing like real acting, when Edward Norton ACTUALLY hits Brad Pitt in the ear.

Red Dragon

Who could have been a better choice of being a calm, cool, FBI agent up against the veteran Anthony Hopkins and his slicked-mouthed cannibal character?

What are your favorite Edward Norton movies or characters?

Cover photo source: Creative Commons 3.0 David Shankbone

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