Hanging Ten & Bank Robberies + My wish for a #PayDay2 movie crossover DLC – Point Break Movie Review

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Payday 2 is on to its 26th DLC [link here] and I’m still in love with the idea of organized robbery… as a game! As a movie, there is only one that I feel could relate to the theme and that’s POINT BREAK. I won’t be reviewing the newest version of this film, but the 1991 version with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves. Because although the recent one MAY be decent (don’t know for sure because I refuse to watch it), Swayze and Reeves totally nailed their roles back in the nineties.

Point Break Synopsis

In sunny California, Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves), is an FBI newbie that has been teamed up with an older experienced member of the force, agent Angelo Pappas. Together, they must work on bringing in a group of bank robbers known as the Ex-presidents. The ex-presidents are known for hitting up a number of banks in the L.A. area, wearing suits and masks of former U.S. presidents.

On a hunch, Angelo discovers the possibility that the notorious bank robbers, are also surfers. Being that Angelo is a little over the hill and he recognizes that he would look suspicious hanging out with the young crowd on the beach, he tasks Johnny Utah with going undercover into the sulf culture.

Utah can’t swim to save his life, but he plays the part of the guy that always dreamed of surfing. He makes friends quite quickly, when he meets Tyler, a female surfer that can match any opponent when it comes to the board. Obviously, her friendship comes with a little attraction. She introduces Utah to a group of surfers led by Bodhi (Patrick Swayze), a super free spirit, Bohemian surfer, that worships the water like it’s his religion. Utah sees his networking opportunities through Bodhi as the key to breaking the case and finding the bank robbers.

That’s until he realizes that the people he has been looking for may be right under his nose.

Reasons why this movie gets a 8/10

Patrick Swayze is the embodiment of peer pressure in this film. He’s like the guy you see in the anti-drug commercials that asks, “Want to smoke some pot?” The only difference is that there is no negativity in his approach. So, he’s not going to call you chicken, if you say no.  He ‘s real smooth and convincing with his calm voice and free spirit logic.
Rob a bank? Throw myself off a plane? Anything for you Bodhi– you are just too cool!


I thought that Swayze wasn’t going to make a good anti-hero, but he was not only phenomenal, he was fabulously entertaining.

When this movie picks up, Johnny Utah is on an obligatory road of reckless adventure. I love the skydiving scene. It’s my favorite, second only, to the many masked bank robberies.


You can’t miss Anthony Kiedis from The Red Hot Chili Pepper playing the part of a rebel that embarrasses himself… quite often.

This chase is everything. Anything to get your man. Well, until you realize you care for him. Then you shoot at the air in anger and forget that those bullets can come spiraling back to the ground at you.


Point break has plenty of action to keep the masses entertained, but there is also great dynamic in the relationships in the film. This movie is about belonging. Utah didn’t care too much for surfing when he started, but it became something he HAD to do daily. It wasn’t about the sport, it was about the bond between him and the guys, and of course, Tyler. He eventually couldn’t tell the difference, whether he was hanging out with friends, or “going to work”.

That’s what complicates matters for Utah as a FBI agent. Bodhi and the group become like family, and Utah doesn’t know if he wants his career to jeopardize that. (Although it should be the other way around)

That final scene with the 50 year storm is heart wrenching! Vaya con Dios Bohdi!

This movies masked robberies is what made me interested in PAYDAY2.

I would have probably been Reagan or Nixon, if Bodhi had recruited me. Come to think of it, I kind of wish PAYDAY2 would add a Point Break DLC 🙂 That would make my day. DLC Gods hear me out!!!

Reagan - Bodhi - Point Break

Time for chit chat: What’s your favorite Point Break quote? Action sequence? Scene? Surfer? Comment Below

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