Don’t Ever Sell Drugs With Pee Wee Herman; Blow Movie review

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Everyone grows up wanting to be a drug smuggler, right? Well, George Jung didn’t exactly aspire to the profession as a child, but thats where he ended up. Blow Movie (2001) is the real-life story of George Jung, also known as Boston George. (through his eyes, I believe). A biographical look at the works of a drug smuggler/drug dealer who took advantage of some very fitting opportunities during the 70’s & 80’s.


Blow Movie Storyline

Although Jung, played by Johnny Depp, did not intend to grow-up in the drug business, viewers are shown that there were some motivation from his early days. He watched as his father, played by Ray Liotta, go bankrupt, and although he had a close relationship with him, his relationship with his mother was not exactly warm.

So Jung declares in his mind: “I refuse to be broke in my future and so I initially see a great opportunity to smuggle in Marijuana via Pee-Wee Herman (Paul Reubens), known as Derek, and I get busted.” You would think this is a lesson learned. Don’t ever sell drugs with Pee Wee Herman. (The actor that plays Pee-Wee Herman will always be Pee-Wee to me)

Incarceration doesn’t stop Jung from trying another way to make good money off the drug trade. Jung and Derek, set up a very easy operation of smuggling in drugs, during times when you were barely patted down at the airport. And of course, it helps that Jung’s girlfriend was a stewardess in on the operation.

Jung gets big! So big, that he even does business with Pablo Escobar, the Colombian drug lord. He marries a Colombian sex pot, Mirtha, played by Penelope Cruz. He has so much money and happiness that he doesn’t know what to do with either one. And when when things seem so good it hurts, that’s when the bad begins.

Getting caught by authorities, having people report him to the cops, including his own mother, and spiraling into drug addiction are just a few of the obstacles Jung deals with, before finally going in to jail for good, ending his reign as drug kingpin.


If you enjoy movies such as Goodfellas and Casino, then this is a movie for you.  Just try to remember that in Blow, Ray Liotta is not a part of any criminal activity. (It will be hard, trust me.)

It is a must see, even if its just to hear Mirtha and her incoherent english.


Where are they now?

George Jung was released from jail last month, after serving a very long sentence.

*Spoiler Alert* If the ending, when you are left watching Jung’s daughter disappear into the screen, crushed your heart, TMZ reported some news to ease your pain. Your Welcome!

*Spoiler Alert* Diego Delgado is Jung’s friend and partner that backstabs him when we least expect it. If your still left wondering what ever happened to Diego, know that his happy time was very short, after Jung left him on that little island. The character Diego, is based on drug lord Carlos Lehder, who bought an island in the Bahamas to traffic larger amounts of drugs and prevent any government from stopping his trafficking from Columbia.

He is currently serving a 55 yr sentence, reduced after striking a plea bargain by providing testimony against Manuel Noriega.

Source: New Line Cinema/Warner Bros.

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