Can You Be A Super Fighter Using More Of Your Brain? Lucy Movie Trailer

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The Lucy movie has a leading woman with all the power. And by power, I mean the ability to beat and kick the butt of every opponent that rises to the occasion. It is, therefore, no surprise that Scarlett Johansson is Lucy, after her work as the Black Widow in the Avengers.



Lucy is a woman that becomes involved in a criminal transaction that forces her to smuggle an unknown synthetic drug inside her. Some of this drug leaks into her system, altering her mind’s capacities. The theory that we use 9-10% of the human brain is used to theorize how Lucy is gaining incredible powers based on the rapid rate she is using more and more of her brain. Now, who is going to stop her? Morgan Freeman plays the neuroscience professor with enough knowledge of the human brain to help Lucy understand what is happening to her.

Lucy looks to be something similar to one of the Resident Evil sequels, where whatever the umbrella company did to Ella Jovovich caused her to be almost indestructible. The interest that sets this one apart, is the curiosity of what she will be capable of once she reaches 100% brain capacity. That can turn out bad if it’s too unreal to the point of being cheesy.

As for the theory that humans could be capable of reaching powerful capacities if there were to use more of their brains, most scientists have labeled the idea a myth. Scientists explained to  Scientific American  that the full brain is almost active all the time and Dr. Richard Cytowic’s video mentions that portions of our brain that don’t seem in use are actually at work silently. So the idea that humans are capable of reaching new heights if they were able to make use of more of their brain is untrue.

I apologize if I’ve blown your dreams to dust of becoming a super human. In the meantime, Lucy’s official website has a cute game where she determines how much brain capacity you use and then tries to help you to get to her level. Good Luck!
Lucy is Accepting Applications

Lucy will be released  on July 25, 2014

Source: LucyMovie  Universal Pictures

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