Brad Pitt and The Zombie Apocalypse? Yes, Please.

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If you didn’t know, Brad Pitt is my favorite actor, not only because he’s beyond hot, and has been for the past 20 years, but because of hisWorld War Z incredible movie choices. He is the lead character in the movie adaptation of World War Z and like every other movie thats out now, this movie is  based on a book. Max Brooks is the author of World War Z: An oral History of the Zombie war, the re-telling of a zombie war, by survivors, years after it has taken place.

This is the deal with World War Z being converted into a film, there are too many characters and global and local situations to focus on, for this film to be anything like the novel. So I don’t encourage anyone to go see this film  hoping it will be like the book. The narrative isn’t linear so it should be obvious that they cannot follow the original story. I understand and respect that this movie will probably grasp the gist of the novel and possibly some relatable situations, but I will not be looking for a full blown adaptation.

It seems they have created a different plot and used the book as a basis for the story.  Brad Pitt is flying around trying to find out how to cure these zombies. Its a logical plot line. I just hope that its strong.

The other important factor are the zombies in this movie. None of the trailers show them in detail. All you see is a swarm of Cgi beings running around in hilly swarms. Lord help me, if the zombies are nothing but cgi in this film! Cgi is the crusher of all horror and creative dreams in movies nowadays. The scariest movies lose their potential when the scary beings come out looking fake. We know its fake but you don’t have to be obvious about it.

Here’s hoping World War Z provides us with a compelling plot and walking-dead worthy zombies!

Source: Paramount Pictures     Official World War Z Movie Website

Release date: June 21

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