Best Movies to Watch on Thanksgiving! Nerdy Goodness for the whole family

Even your Grandma will approve

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Thanksgiving day is for sharing food with family and giving thanks for everything that we have. After stuffing your face with the usual Thanksgiving goodies, the remainder of your day is all about quality time with family. Watching a good thanksgiving movie is not always at the top of the list. This can be as eventful as looking at old embarrassing pictures you wish you could burn or as laid back as sitting around watching TV.

Aw, yes, I’m sure you all can relate to the joyful misery that is family time on Thanksgiving.


After watching the Thanksgiving parade on TV, there may be very little to do other then hearing your aunt regale everyone with tales that no one wants to here. Don’t forget the questions about your love life and career that are oh, so neccessary. Instead of submitting yourself to this slow death, it would be an awesome idea to put on a movie that everyone could enjoy.

Movies that are for the whole family don’t have to be lame. You can enjoy some nerdy goodness and still entertain everyone around. I know my grandmother enjoyed Terminator 2 as much as I do. <3

Here are a few good movie ideas for the holidays so that you can enjoy hearing your grandparents complain how lost the movie industry is:

Thanksgiving Movie options by category

Classic Movies


Back To The Future

Terminator 2

Family movies

If your feeling that mushy, here are a few actual movies about family.

Father of the Bride

The Family Man

Nothing like the Holidays


Kid friendly and entertaining for the Adults forced to watch in the room.

Monsters University

The Smurfs 2

Toys Story 3


Just in case, you need a little more action then the argument at the dinner table.

The Dark Knight

Bourne Trilogy

Mission Impossible 3


This is the End

Little Fockers



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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone


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