In the 80s Science Experiments included Bra Helmets; Weird Science Review

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Once upon a time in the 80’s, it was every teenage boy’s dream to create their own girl out of a Barbie doll while wearing a bra on their head. These moments from scenes in Weird Science, were some of the most memorable movie highlights in 80’s history. But what really had everyone’s attention was the idea that two lonely nerds were able to upgrade their lives by using science to create the ultimate date.

The irony of the situation is that Gary Wallace (Anthony Michael Hall), and Wyatt Donnelly (Ilan Mitchell-Smith), thought that they were creating their own date, instead of dealing with rejection from the girls at school. How exactly did they think that was going to work? Were they supposed to share her at the movies? I don’t believe threesomes were much of an accepted idea in the 80s, you know.


In any case, they create a woman. An incredibly attractive woman that will be interested in them. And during the creation process, they wear bras on their head. Why? No idea.

Gary and Wyatt enter some dimensions into their computers on how they would like their girl to look and break into some government power supply to create their girl. The power and dynamics are pumped into a Barbie Doll and Lisa (Kelly Lebrock)  is born.

Why do 2 teenage boys have this doll lying around? Another good question. Lisa walks in looking all types of sexy. Kelly Lebrock was the “it” girl in the 80’s. Creating her would have been the equivalent of discovering plutonium.


Although Gary and Wyatt’s plan is to create a really cool girlfriend and show her off, Lisa was on a different mission from the beginning. Her deal was to make the guys cool and irresistible to the same student body that rejected them. Plus, she has powers.

Lisa helps Gary and Wyatt stroll into high school fame. The cool guys who picked on them at school suddenly look up to them. Robert Downey Jr. and some other reject notice how Lisa is entirely devoted to her creators and they are beyond jelly. She makes it seem like she has a super sexual relationship with Gary and Wyatt. It’s the funniest thing in the world because they created Lisa but couldn’t even handle her sexiness. They’re super shy and are even immobile at the back of their shower during a joint showering arrangement.

Then there are the two high school girls that Gary and Wyatt dream of dating. They’re jealous of Lisa so that also works out in their favor.


To bring the nerd dream story to a close, Lisa throws a mega party that included everyone ever, making Gary and Wyatt, the coolest guys ever.

Their only issues included Wyatt’s older brother who is a complete douche. Bill Paxton plays Wyatt’s brother Chet and his career has come a long way from playing a real prick. Lisa turns him into some gassy Jabba-the-hut-looking-thing for being such an a-hole. It grosses me out every time I see the movie.


Wyatt’s grandparents end up suspended in animation in a closet.


And of course, Wyatt’s parent’s mansion gets destroyed during the final party.  Some of which was due to the biker gang that Lisa summoned so that Gary and Wyatt were able to do a big macho routine in front of their friends.


And there’s also the missile that ends up sprouting out of the ground when the guys try to recreate their human-making success and fail.

No worries. Lisa has super powers so clean up is easy.

This movie is the Sixteen Candles of every young guy in the 80s. Very unrealistic, but incredibly fun. Lisa makes Wyatt and Gary stand up to their fears and even gets them to participate in situations that give them the courage to be who they want to be. This is my absolute favorite Anthony Michael Hall movie. His confidence is outstanding. Robert Downey Jr. makes a great villain, I would love to see him on the dark side again.

Plus, the theme music was so damn catchy!

Did anyone have dreams of making their own girl and becoming popular because of this movie? or do guys just wear bras on their heads for fun? Comment below or message me here to talk more 80’s movie ->

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    • Megan
    • September 20, 2014

    Wyatt is so hot in this movie.

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