Christian Bale Parts the Red Sea; Exodus Gods and Kings trailer

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Twentieth Century Fox has released the first trailer of Exodus: Gods and Kings. The story is based on the biblical tale of Moses and the Israelites journey out of Egypt. Christian Bale plays Moses and Joel Edgerton is Rhamses. It looks like they will highlight Moses’s relationship with Rhamses, growing up in Egypt together, amongst the usual biblical story. We can look forward to the parting of the sea and rivers running red like blood, with todays graphics and advancements.

Ridley Scott is known for directing and producing a number of notable films, but I will foreverĀ love him for giving us Alien. With this movie, I’m hoping he will give us that type of greatness, since this film will also feature Sigourney Weaver.

Source: Twentieth Century Fox
Source: Twentieth Century Fox


What do you think about Christin Bale playing the part of Moses? Anyone looking forward to this movie?




Source: Twentieth Century Fox

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