The Force Fans Get New Star Wars Land Details and Possible Hotel

There could be a Star Wars Land AND a Star Wars Resort

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It’s been an amazing Star Wars month, to say the least. Just a few weeks shy of the start of Stars Wars Weekend at Disney World, Disney releases new info on the future of Star Wars land. Plus, there’s news of a possible Star Wars Disney Resort.
Star Wars Land

Source: Disney Parks Blog

Star Wars Land

Source: Disney Parks Blog

This past weekend during a Star Wars and Disney Parks: A Galaxy in the Making panel discussion, the people of Lucas films and Disney’s Imagineering discussed their goals and gave some insight on what they’re doing with the Star Wars extension set to appear in both Anaheim and Orlando.

As explained on the Disney Parks blog, the location is somewhere on the Outer Rim lying on the outer edge of the Unknown Regions. It was once a very busy port but with the pick up of hyperspace travel, it’s become a low-key destination for those that are not interested in being found. Home to smugglers, rogue traders, bounty hunters, and adventurers (basically Han Solo back in the day), this port is for those traveling between the frontier and uncharted space.

One of the panelists, says that they could have chosen a Star Wars famous location that was already known but chose to pick a definitive location on the map that didn’t have a history to it. They don’t want visitors to think of the stories they’ve associated with the places but preferred to allow room for them to discover their own story within this land. That way, they won’t know what to expect.

From the looks of the artwork and the background told by the creators, Star Wars land will be the place to go to have the full Star Wars experience. You will know what it will feel like walking through the market, visiting the bars, and being at a location that is bubbling with political tension (but in outer space as opposed to the US). They also are not merely putting together a painted and cleverly designed set, but are planning to create an experience with smells, and real objects, as well as activities.   Interacting with the aliens will also be a thing. Although they didn’t give much input on how they planned to do it, visitors of the parks will be able to interact with the aliens and go on small missions (possibly joining the first order or helping the resistance).

Taking a ride on the Millenium Falcon will also be possible. But most importantly, your interactions will cause for you to develop a reputation in this land and there may be consequences. Read: more missions.

The parks in Hollywood studios, Orlando and Disney Land in Anaheim, CA, are set for a 2019 launch.

See the full Panel here:


In other news, WDW News today reports that a third party has sent out a survey to guests on a possible Star Wars theme resort. Although this doesn’t confirm that we will actually get a hotel with all the Star Wars perks, what they’re proposing is incredibly exciting.

The 2-night all-inclusive Star Wars experience on a starship would include: all meals, entertainment and dinner shows, exclusive park admission (and in particular Star Wars Land), and access to on-site amenities a pool area & water garden, fitness area, onboard cantina, and robotic droid Butlers.

The stay will include an interactive immersive storyline that will allow you take part in conversations with characters, lightsaber training, secret missions, starship exploration, and flight training. A lot like the park, the resort stay will allow you to experience living in the Star Wars world, and the rooms even have a themed view.

Once again, it’s just a survey at this time. But if the positive feedback gets the creators at Disney going, somewhere past 2019, there could be a full Star Wars immersed hotel stay and park experience.

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