POTTERHEAD ROUNDUP: A Real Life Dueling Wand? and incorrect Harry Potter Subtitles

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Hello Potterheads!! 🙂 This weeks Pottered Roundup features a real dueling wand and subtitles to the Potter Films that don’t exactly match.

Time to discuss what’s new in the world of Harry Potter. If you have any suggestions or have some Potter head related insider news to share

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Potterhead Roundup this week in news

The Maguss Wand – I want a real wand. Don’t you?

I bought myself a wand at Universal Studios a few years ago (Draco’s moms wand. I think it suits me well), but I may want another after hearing about this kickstarter. The Maguss Wand allows you to duel in person and have a real throw down via wand.

The system incorporates a badge, wand, and app, so that you can cast spells on your opponent and receive spells.


Every spell will be accompanied by a specific sound effect so you won’t have to hold your smartphone in your hand during the duel to know whether or not you were hit.

Can you say Accio Maguss wand? Let’s support this kick starter, so I can Avada Kedavra some people 🙂

Click here for kick starter for Maguss Wand


Hogawalz is the GREATEST!!!

O-M-G I laughed till i couldn’t breathe with this one. Screenshots were released of the english subtitles on a chinese bootleg version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. OH-I still can’t breathe-O-My.  The made up terms and words used prove that whoever translated this movie into english, had no idea what the POTTERHEAD translations should be.  But mostly, they couldn’t figure out how to translate MUD BLOOD. And there were so many others. Who could blame them?

Voldemort is Fodi and Mud Bloods are Melons? LMAO But other then the obvious messed up harry potter terms, I really enjoyed the cursing that was added to the text. Because there are some arguments in HP, where cursing would be appropriate, but given that the Harry Potter films are not rated R, curses are not family friendly. The books don’t have curses either, but you can almost imagine them sometimes. I think Ron and Harry’s Uncle would both curse.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 4.34.22 PM

Ron definitely would have let out an OH SHIT when he was driving his father’s Ford Anglia.

And you know you could almost imagine Harry’s uncle letting loose at the mouth!

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 5.12.08 PM

Youtuber Senor Pacman, put the images together and voiced the Faux-english subtitles. He gave life to these subtitles!!! Enjoy!

Are you going to support the Maguss Wand?
What do you think about the ability to have a real duel?
Tell me you died laughing at the subtitles on the english subtitles.
What’s your favorite incorrect subtitle?


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