Disney World’s Pandora: World of Avatar Review

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There was no way that I was going to be Orlando, Florida and I wasn’t going to go see the new Disney Pandora: World of Avatar attraction. It was a must on a list of things I must do at Disney World due to my healthy obsession. Based on James Cameron’s blockbuster 2009 film, that’s set to have 3 sequels, Avatar is the sci-fi hit about super tall blue aliens from another planet (Pandora) that experience the tragedies of colonization when humans get there.

Disney has created a space for Pandora at the heart of Animal Kingdom. There are two rides, a few themed places to eat, and a beautiful landscape complete with the sounds of the animals and insects of the foreign planet.

Disney World Pandora: World of Avatar Animal Kingdom

With this being a fairly new attraction to Animal Kingdom, the waiting time for the rides are almost double the standard times for rides. However, DIsney is a well oiled machine that makes use of time and space to make sure that everyone gets on and out as quick as possible. I say this to emphasize that the lines move quicker than they look and the times weren’t nearly as long as advertised. This may get worse after June, when all of the nation is officially off of school.

Disney World Pandora: World of Avatar Animal Kingdom

That being said, I waited anxiously on line for the two main rides and here’s a little on what to expect:

Na’vi River Journey

The Avatar movie is stunning because of the bright colors and the beauty of the world that the Navi creatures live in. Disney made every effort to bring these details to life using glowing lights and a gorgeous cultivated landscape littered with flowers and plants that will convince you they truly took a spaceship just to bring them back to earth.

The Na’vi River Journey is a boat ride into the deep rainforest of Pandora. As you take a dark ride down this river you see the neon glow of the vegetation and the animals that walk around in the distance. As a song plays overheard in the native language of the Navi people, you see a Navi male hidden in the brush and even witness a female playing instruments and singing along.

I wish I would have brushed up on the Na’vi language prior to the trip because the words of the song were lost on me. What I noticed was that everyone on the ride was mesmerized by the all of scenes that slowly pass on either side of the boat. I couldn’t even think with all of that beauty around me. The ride isn’t long though. I would have been happier if the ride was bit longer.

Note: the ride was advertised as taking 60 minutes but I was on the river boat in less than 40.

Avatar flight of passage

Ever since I saw the movie Avatar, I wanted to ride on the back of a banshee. The flight of passage is a virtual reality type ride quite similar to Epcot’s soarin. Only, you sit on this machine and the experience is so liberating I didn’t want it to end.

I have NO pictures of this attraction because once I got on that line I was miserable. Then the ride did not allow for me to freely take pics on the virtual reality machine.With an estimated wait time of 75 minutes, I was ready to jump off the Moara rocks. I didn’t nearly wait that long for the ride, but it was long enough to know that i will wait till this ride loses it’s sensationalism so I can book fastpasses in the future.

Disney World Pandora: World of Avatar Animal Kingdom

As you soar into the air, the banshee takes you on a flight through Pandora weaving through the rocks and flying around other banshees in the air. It’s an amazing ride and I can’t wait for the future of Pandora if this is any suggestion to what it would look like if they expand the world.

Disney World Pandora: World of Avatar Animal Kingdom


Disney World Pandora: World of Avatar Animal Kingdom


Disney World Pandora: World of Avatar Animal Kingdom


With wait time, ride time, and everything included, it took me two hours to go on both rides. Not bad in my experience. Although I do admit that waiting for the riverboat is uncomfortable because the wait lines are inside a hut that is more humid than the outdoors with no air conditioning. I’d do it again, i tell you!

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Disney's pandora: world of avatar Animal Kingdom
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