Why DC SuperHero Girls are Important For Young Girls

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When I was young, I was a real girly girl. I loved the color pink, glitter, and anything that sparkled. There was also the fact that I liked Batman, Thunder Cats, He-Man, and most characters derived from comics. DC was a favorite for obvious reasons (Batman), although we had nothing not like DC SuperHero Girls.


To me, this was as normal as anything, although I admit that I had very few friends that shared the mutual love for both of these worlds. I found that I would share my girl faves with my female friends and indulged in my geeky side with the boys that I knew. But I never saw myself in any of the things that I shared with boys. Not even the female comic characters felt relatable. They also seemed like minor supporting characters.

I have a step daughter that is like my reincarnation. She strategically plans her hair styles, loves everything pink, and is obsessed with being a princess. However when it comes time to unwind and watch TV, she specifically asks for Batman. Lately, she asks for the Justice League, because it will allow her to also see Wonder Woman. I can’t begin to explain the joy i feel seeing her eyes glazed, watching these comic heroes, as fascinated as she is with the Little Mermaid’s ability to swim under water.

As of recently, I discovered the DC SuperHero Girls. This has been everything to her. There is nothing else that exists to her at this time, except for maybe Monster High.

This show is so important for little girls everywhere and here’s why:

DC Super Hero Girls are important for girls1. The Show is about the superhero girls in high school.

Dc Super Hero Girls in High School


2. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are part of the squad and have no negative villain attributes.

Harley Quinn DC Superhero Girls


3. The show covers topics such as insecurity, making friendships, and self esteem topics.

Dc Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn

Source: DC Hero Girls & DC Comics


4. It’s also super positive. Support and the realization that anything can be done with effort is a common theme.


5. Beating the bad guy is always a team effort

 DC Superhero Girls


6. Some of the better known adult villains and superheroes, have a positive position in the cartoon. Amanda Waller, known as a government official that changes sides easily to get what she wants, is the tough but reassuring principal of the high school. Grodd, the gorilla villain with human intelligence, best known for his opposition to Batman, is a teacher at the school–albeit with a slight temper.

Dc Super Hero Girls Professor grudd and Principal Amanda Waller

Source: DC Hero Girls & DC Comics


7. Girls can have comic related role models not overshadowed by their male counterparts


8. The costumes are not sexualized

BumbleBee DC Superhero Girls


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DC Super Hero Girls are important for girls


What do you think about DC Super Hero Girls and it’s effect on the young girls? Is this the type of cartoon girls should be watching? comment below or message me here to talk more about the DC Super Hero girls:

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