10 Cosplay Ideas for Women that aren’t Wonder Woman

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Don’t let the title fool you. I love Wonder Woman. But we all know after poring over the recaps and attending Comic Con, that there are more of the same every year. Mostly, these cosplay feature the favorite characters that are in heavy rotation. Movie and TV show inspired renditions of the same characters also show up every year. You know who there are: Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.

I’m all for it, because the beauty of cosplay is that we get to be what we want to be. It’s like Halloween but more focused. I’m sharing ideas for women who would like to try something new. And since female cosplay options are already slim pickings, why not make a list of all the fabulous women in comics that could be represented this year at Comic Con.

Here are a few options for female comic heroines that we need to see a little more of. And like I said, I love Wonder Woman–but I wouldn’t mind some Big Barda. Not to mention a little Hyppolyta in her hay day. I won’t even begin on Misty Knight.

10 cosplay ideas for women that aren't wonder women


Misty Knight 

You knew this was coming with the introduction of Luke Cage this past week. Misty Knight, played by Simone Missick, is nothing short of magic on the show. Now look at this fabulous outfit right here. It’s everything.

Big Barda

The girl punched a dragon. ’nuff said. TBH, I’ve always loved the idea that she was stronger then most males.


Wonder Women’s mom. She birthed one of the greatest super heroines of our time. Her own powers have to be real.

Captain Marvel

Danielle Moonstar



Black Cat

Killer Frost



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