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October Halloween 80’s Horror Movie Month Day 1: Critters

Critters 1986 New Line Cinema

I started out my October Halloween binge by watching Critters (1986). I spent most-of my childhood judging horror by the cover of the VHS tape in the local video store. Critters was the one movie I was always attracted to because the furry Aliens look like they should be my pet even though they’re intergalactic […]

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7 Things You forgot about Jem the Cartoon that caused the Jem Movie Flop

Jem the Cartoon

Ever since the trailer was first released, it was a given that the Jem movie was going to be a disaster. It was going to be nothing like Jem the Cartoon. From the very start, it was clear that this was not a nostalgic walk down the road of your favorite childhood cartoon, but Hollywood’s […]

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Biff Returns for Tell Tale Games 30th Anniversary Back to the future game

Back to the future the game

Save the date because 10/21/15 is the exact point in time that Marty Mcfly and Doc went back to the future. Tell Tale games announced last month that for the 30th anniversary of the release of the films, they would be re-releasing Back to the Future The Game with some extras. Just to make the occasion […]

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Outdoor Back to The Future 2 movie screening in Randalls Island NYC


  Yesterday I went to watch Back to The Future 2 at Randalls Island in New York City. I’ve been dying to see a movie outside during this awesome weather. Though the weather did dip a little in the middle of the night, it was amazing. Chips, Beer, and Michael J. Fox, makes for an amazing […]

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Remake Of Stephen King’s IT Movie will bring Pennywise the Clown to the movies

it movie

    Was there ever a more horrifying sight then Tim Curry as Pennywise the clown in It? No–and thats my final answer.  Atleast thats the way most fans are feeling about the news that a remake of It is in the works for 2016. I’m probably the most open minded movie viewer you will […]

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In the 80s Science Experiments included Bra Helmets; Weird Science Review

weird science movie review

Once upon a time in the 80’s, it was every teenage boy’s dream to create their own girl out of a Barbie doll while wearing a bra on their head. These moments from scenes in Weird Science, were some of the most memorable movie highlights in 80’s history. But what really had everyone’s attention was the idea that two lonely […]

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Best Movies to Watch on Thanksgiving! Nerdy Goodness for the whole family

Thanksgiving movie for the family

Thanksgiving day is for sharing food with family and giving thanks for everything that we have. After stuffing your face with the usual Thanksgiving goodies, the remainder of your day is all about quality time with family. Watching a good thanksgiving movie is not always at the top of the list. This can be as eventful as […]