Summer Fun Is A Drive Away With Lincoln’s Perfect Position Seats

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2017 Lincoln Continental Perfect Position SeatsWith the summer here, road trips and seeing the sights become weekly adventures. Heading out to another state for a few hours drive or heading out to a near by beach, means that your also going to have to deal with the traffic that comes along with the summer. See, your not the only one thats ready to have fun, everyone is headed out in one summer fun filled direction or another.

And traffic doesn’t only mean a delay in your plans, it also means having to sit in the cramped space of your car forever. Well, maybe not forever, but it might as well be. The Texas Transportation institute states that we spend 42 hours per year in traffic. That is a lot of time. We may not notice it in short distances, but getting out of your car after sitting for half an hour to many hours, doesn’t only cramp your legs at the moment, but it fatigues your body. Who wants to show up at their destination feeling more drained then they did when they got in the car?

Lincoln Continental Interior 2017 Perfect Position Seats

Which is why Lincoln Motor company has perfected the luxury of car seating to ensure that the drive to the destination, is as enjoyable as the upcoming fun itself. The perfect position seat featured in the new 2017 Lincoln Continental (and the Lincoln Navigator concept car), strives to achieve wellness in these situations. With the ability to provide comfort, reduce muscle fatigue, and maintain 30 forms of adjustment, the perfect position seat helps reduce the drag of being in traffic or overall long trips.

Lincoln Perfect Position Seat - cushion Continental 2017

The back and cushion have massage functions and the seat has been revolutionized for comfort. It also reduces aches and pains. Ford’s Global advanced seat innovation supervisor, Jonathon Line, says “The new design of the Perfect Position seats does a better job of accommodating a wider range of physiques than in the past. It conforms to your body and supports it in ways not previously possible.” The seats cushioning, flexibility, and ability to adjust to any body (literally),  supports you in ways that other car seats can’t.

Lincoln Navigator Concept - Perfect Position Seats

The 2017  Lincoln Continental will be available this Fall, so that next summer, you won’t even care if you bump into traffic. You’ll just turn up the AC, put the massage motors to function, and enjoy your ride to summer fun.

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