Sinatra at 100 app: Experience Old Blue eyes’ songs in 360 with Lincoln and TFF

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TFF Sinatra App

Are you a big Frank Sinatra fan? Come on–admit that Sinatra is your musical selection of mellow music. Did you get to see top recording artists pay a tribute to Sinatra at the Tribeca Film festival concert?


Well if your answer is NO – the good news is that the Tribeca Film Festival and Lincoln have collaborated to create a music app that will not only let you see these performances but would bring the experience to you through your phone, for FREE and in 360°.

Sinatra at 100 features music performed at the Tribeca Film Festival from big celebrity guests: Tony Bennett, NE-YO, and The Killers’ Brandon Flowers, to name a few. Lincoln is bringing the convenience of the concert experience right in the palm of your hands, delivering the essence of luxury and passion for the arts that they are known for.

I’m an old soul sometimes. If I could only explain to you what “The Way you look tonight” does to me. All I need is a glass of wine to wind down with that song. The fact that I’ve been able to experience this concert, that I didn’t attend, and hear all these oldies, suits my spoiled rotten ways. I think it was also nice to see current singers with their takes of his songs.

My choice of the top three songs featured on the TFF Sinatra at 100 app:

Come Fly With Me

Luck Be A Lady

You Make Me Feel So Young

And you can’t miss New York, New York

The app is available on IOS and Android

You can also watch the concert on Lincoln’s You Tube Channel and You Tube’s main 360 channel

What’s your favorite Sinatra cover on TFF: Sinatra at 100 app? And your favorite Sinatra song of all time? Leave your comments at the bottom.

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