First class car seats worthy of a hot towel – Lincoln Continental’s 30 way seats

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I had the pleasure of attending a press event on first class travel hosted by Lincoln Motor Company featuring the 2016 Lincoln Continental concept car. I matched the car and we look great together, don’t you think? This was not your usual car event, with a focal point on speed, engine specs, or gas efficiency, but a discussion about the driver and his seat.

Lincoln Continental 2016

Car advancements are becoming less and less about what seems right, and more about what the consumer needs. The luxury division is not any different in this aspect. This change makes the concept car 2016 Lincoln Continental not just about being a good looking luxury car. With growing concerns about health and well being, Lincoln is listening to it’s clients and making efforts to reach the body’s physical needs. This allows them to kill two birds with one stone, and still focus on the aspect of luxury, which reflects the convenience of having multiple options.

Lincoln Continental 2016 30 way seat

The center of attraction was the 30 way seat, a custom seat tailored to give the driver and passenger support and tension release, while offering diversified options of adjustable comfort, on almost every section of your body.

Lincoln Continental 2016

Jonathan Line, advanced seat innovation supervisor and technical expert,  was able to provide a through overview of the seat features and accommodations. He gushed about the seatings ability to provide outstanding support and tension relief, due to its patented suspension system with a thin layer of foam, about 40% less foam then most car seats.

30 way seating, for the Luxury needs in you

Lincoln Continental 2016 30 way seat

After a long road trip or anything over 30 minutes, your back begins to hurt and your neck stiffens, at least I can say that is the case for most. The whole premise of luxury is that you are splurging for the best, so why not go for adjustable seating that can leverage your left thigh higher then your right, if that’s what makes you comfortable?

This isn’t your standard front and back adjustment. They are reaching your lower lumbar and upper spine, as well as side to side adjustments for head rests, in addition to the front and back. It’s the luxury of multiple adjustable options and in the process, your relieving stress and tension, and making things a whole lot better for you and your chiropractor.

The 30 way Seat Specs

Lincoln Continental 2016 30 way seats



Lincoln Continental 2016 30 way seat


The 30 way Seat Experience



I was able to test this technology out and try out these awesome seats. It’s like being in first class, I was almost waiting for someone to come around with warm cookies and a hot towel. I think the impact of these types of seats would really be appreciated with prolonged driving.  Some drivers might think this is a luxury they can overlook, but driving comfortably should be a luxury that all cars in the industry strive for. What’s the point of driving around with what feels like a stick in your back?

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