2017 Lincoln Continental revealed: The future of quiet luxury

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The Lincoln Continental is no longer a rumor. Last year when I saw the Continental concept car, it was just an idea in the works. Read more about it [here] I was completely in love with the make and model, but I knew that the final product would be defined by the company at a later time.

I’m so proud to announce that the 2017 Lincoln Continental will be a part of our near future. The Lincoln Motor Company revealed the release of the 2017 Continental yesterday at the North American International Auto Show. The final product establishes its current trends of combining quiet luxury with beautiful elegance. There is no other way to put it. This car is as beautiful as it is luxurious and will be available to the public this fall. It is very much everything one can expect of luxury on a personal level. Lincoln has made an incredible effort to keep the consumer at the core of its focus and they have succeeded.

2017 Lincoln Continental


2017 Lincoln Continental Specifics

Led Signature Lighting Sequence

The welcome lighting feature, that is quickly becoming a trademark for Lincoln, will be prominently featured in the new Continental. It is perfect for illuminating the way to your car and bringing clarity on dark nights.

2017 Lincoln Continental

3.0L V6 Engine

The engine source: 3.0 liter V6 engine with twin turbo charger producing a projected 400 horsepower. This engine is designed to appeal those that want  an abundance of power without all the noise. The dynamic torque vectoring system accomplished this by automatically adjusting torque between the left and right wheels on the rear axle. This also allows for confident handling and stability.

Lincoln Drive Control

The Lincoln drive control provides the driver with an option for three settings: comfort, normal, and sport. These settings tailor your ride to have steering responses and customized arrangements, that react smoothly to your choice of driving style.

Advanced Camera Technology

The pre-collision assist and Pedestrian detection features, use radar and cameras to make the driver aware of possible collision related concerns. These features are awesome because they reduce and even eliminate the chances of impact.  It may be a pretty car but safety has not taken a back seat. in the optimization. There’s also a 360° camera system that provides a bird’s eye view of the cars surroundings.

2017 Lincoln Continental Car Grille


The Continental is elegantly designed to effortlessly demonstrate beauty. This is most evident in the signature grille and sleek interior design.

The Perfect Position Seats

I had the pleasure of attending a press conference on these dynamic seats when they were being considered for the concept car. If you haven’t read up on them [read here] The perfect position seats are inspired by private jets and high-end office seating for the ultimate experience in comfort.

2017 Lincoln Continental Interior

Revel Audio System

No need to do a custom job of your sound system, because the Lincoln Continental will include the amazing audio capabilities of the Revel audio system. The superior Revel audio system and speaker arrangement provides high quality tunes.

Lincoln Black Label Edition

Black Label Edition versions of the car will be available in Chalet, Thoroughbred, and Rhapsody. These interior themes provide you with the option of picking the look that best fits you.

Chalet is inspired by ski vacations combining dark and light tones. The dark wood against light tones is reminiscent of a lodge in the background of snow.

Thoroughbred is inspired by horse racing. It features rich dark leather with diamond quilted patterns. It’s also combined with Chilean maplewood for trim.

Rhapsody is exclusive to the continental and will feature aluminum mesh against blue interior.

2017 Lincoln Continental

For more info on this exciting development, below is a livestream of the NAIAS Press Event.

Watch live streaming video from lincolnexperience at livestream.com

What do you think about this new entry in the quiet luxury book: the 2017 Lincoln Continental? Are there any features of this car that excite you?
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