Potterhead Roundup: Colin Farrell and the Fantastic Beasts, Taylor Swift-Potter lyrics, and theories from Potterverse

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Being that I’m a Harry Potter obsessed enthusiast, I decided that I should keep a weekly Potter segment. In my attempt of not letting go of the series, I will put up a weekly roundup of Potter-related news. I will also have an occasional Potter open discussion on topics of interests from the book and films.

These will be regularly featured segments titled POTTERHEAD ROUNDUP or POTTERHEAD TALK.

Potter’s heads are welcome to email me with tips or suggestions on any topics of interest at fabulouslyentertaining [at] gmail [dot] com

Colin Farrell joins the Potter cast


The highly anticipated Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film is based on a book within the books. You might remember that Hagrid became a professor of the Care of Magical Creatures class and had to assign this very book as the textbook for the semester.

The good news is that Colin Farrell has joined the cast, as per Time magazine. This film will be based on the life of Newt Scamander the author of the textbook. All that is known, so far, is that it will start in New York, seventy years before Harry is even born. I imagine that Newt does quite a lot of traveling through his life since he wrote the ultimate guide on magical creatures around the world. We might even get to see other parts of the world we know, through the lens of the wizarding world. What would the wizards be like in New York or Japan?

Farrell will play the part of Graves, a wizard Newt meets in New York.

Taylor Swift + Harry Potter Collaboration

Even if you’re not a Taylor Swift fan, you can appreciate this video homage to the Potterverse by You Tuber WeasleySweaters. Kate Parkin (WeasleySweaters) remixed a handful of Taylor Swift songs with Potter-related lyrics and dressed the part of the different characters. She even does a great impression of Luna Lovegood in her Quibbler glasses.

I’ve seen quite a few Potter related songs out there created by fans, but this is a personal fave. If I could, I would invest in a radio station just for Potter music. You could hear your favorite song to lyrics describing a trip to Honeydukes 🙂 Am I alone on this?


I also fell in love with this Frozen/Potter rendition. Too cute, a little Voldy asking Dumbledore if he wants to build a Horcrux. 🙂 Only I would think this is cute LOL


Harry Potter Theories – What is and What could have been?

Somehow, we have reached the point, when the Potterheads are just over analyzing, re-reading, and coming up with new theories based on the already established stories of Harry Potter. It’s either due to boredom or just the fact that we can’t let go of this series and want it to go on forever. I came across two this week that were interesting.


Theory 1 is based on an excerpt from The Goblet of Fire, that mentions a Slytherin that could have been in the running to become the champion. As Movie Pilot explains [here], If the Slytherin would have been selected instead of Cedric Diggory, the entire story would have been different.

Not to bad mouth the house of Slytherin, but we all know that they make up about 99.9% of the death eater population. So, if Cedric’s fate would have been bestowed upon a Slytherin, how many of those Slytherin parents and students, would have been actually supporting Harry, after they witness one of their own die at the hands of Voldemort?  And although in the Order of the Phoenix, No one believes Harry’s story that Voldy is back, those death eaters would know for a fact that Harry is telling the truth. They would know that a Slytherin, pure blood, is not exempt from Voldy’s wrath. What then?  MIND BLOWN.


There are all these intricate details the theorists came up with too, like how the Slytherin students would have personally sided with Potter out of fear and would have probably spied on their parents for info. They also figured that the final battle would have included more Slytherins on Harry’s side and that the students would have been faced with possibly going up against their own parents!

That sounds like an alternate ending I would be curious to see.

Theory 2 Dumbledore is Death?


Time Magazine addressed another Dumbledore theory that showed up on Tumblr [here]. In this one, they theorized that the deathly hallows story was an allusion to  Harry, Snape, and Voldemort, each of them representing one of the three brothers. At the end of the tale of the three brothers, the only surviving brother (HARRY) accepts death graciously. Dumbledore meeting Harry in limbo, which looks like Kings Crossing, signifies that Dumbledore is Death.


I don’t know if I agree with this one. But I do believe that Dumbledore would be the first person Harry meets when he reaches that crossroad in the afterlife.


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